Pubs of the Norfolk Broads IV
The Rivers Ant and Thurne

Pubs of the Norfolk Broads IV
The Rivers Ant and Thurne

Pubs of the Norfolk Broads IV
The Rivers Ant and Thurne

The Ant:: From Wayford Bridge, the river flows close to Stalham and then through Barton Broad, which is at present undergoing renovation to remove the vast quantities of mud and silt that have built up over the years. Past Neatishead and the How Hill Estate with its education centre, it then joins with the river Bure on its way to the sea.
The Thurne: Flows from Martham through Potter Heigham and links with the rivers Bure and the Ant close to How Hill.

Navigation Authority: Broads Authority
Address: 18 Colegate, Norwich NR3 1BQ
Telephone: 01603 610734

 ● The final part of my Guide to Pubs of the Norfolk the Rivers Ant and Thurne. As mentioned previously the list is by no means complete and only contains comments on pubs that I have personally visited.
 ● Please note that this information dates from early May 1999 to 2001 and needs updating (desperately!)
 ● Some of the beers mentioned are likely to be unavailable these days, but have no doubt been replaced by hopefully similar or better brews (2006).
 ● As well as the light blue links, most pictures / logos contain links to relevant third party sites. Smaller text is additional information found on the Web.


The Lion

 ● This large pub lies at the end of a narrow staithe, which is easily spotted because of the restored windmill near the entrance. The pub closes in the afternoon and did not open till 18:00 on the Friday we were there. The food was good with a large and varied menu. The main pub had three separate areas with one area allowing children. There was a wide selection of beers including Old Speckled Hen, Flowers Original, HSB and Adnams.


White Horse

 ● The White Horse is a small pub in the village of Neatishead. You enter the pub via the lounge bar, which is one of the smallest bars I've ever seen, with the main public bar being at the back (which was also fairly small). There was a room beyond the public bar which had a pool table and additional seating. Don't be put off by the small size of the pub. The atmosphere was extremely friendly with most of the clientele appearing to be locals. The food was home cooked bar style food and extremely good. The selection of beers was good including Tolly Shooter ('dead'), Top Hat and Green King IPA. The White Horse was one of our favourite pubs on the Broads.

Wayford Bridge

The Woodfarm Inn

 ● The Woodfarm is a large modern pub just beyond the bridge at Wayford. There was a large menu and the food was reasonable. I can imagine that it gets fairly crowded in the Summer but unfortunately this style of pub is not my cup of tea. The only draught beer was Adnams.

Ludham Bridge

The Dog Inn

 ● A modern but traditional pub about 6 minutes along the main road leading from Ludham Bridge. There is plenty of seating outside with the main bar area arranged for eating. There was also a separate and comfortable seating area off to one side. There was a large menu and the food was good. Limited selection of beers including Bass.


Kings Arms

 ● Ludham is at the end of the narrow and twisting Womack Staithe, look out for the Albion, the last Wherry on the broads which is moored down the Staithe. At the end of the Staithe is a small harbour area with limited stern mooring. This pleasant backwater provided a nice picturesque setting for our final night on the Broads. The King's Arms is the large pub in Ludham village and is reached by following the only road from the harbour and turning left at the end. There was a large wide choice of food from bar snacks to full meals. There was also a large selection of beers including Ruddle's County, Directors, Abbots, Tetleys and Green King IPA. If at the end of evening your still hungry you can order Pizza from the bar and collect it when you leave as the pub does a side trade as a take-away Pizza bar.

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