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About The Summary Paragraph Shown on Each Section's Summary Pages

The Section Summary pages will have general details of the content of the section.
Also any news or developments or forthcoming topics related to the section will also be shown here.
The pages are not written to any strict layout or content (as you will realise if you spend any time here). The content will more often than not reflect my mood at the time of writing (which I hope is generally a positive one). Please excuse any excessive waffle, don't let it put you off. More to the point is to dive in to any of the pages on the menu bar and browse the content. I am not a 'professional' in writing let alone web design, just a person who thoroughly enjoys learning about it, this is sure to be reflected in the diverse content of the pages.

Each summary repeats my 'Important' paragraph, which I would appreciate you reading at least once.

There is also a 'General' paragraph which cover navigation tips etc..

Suggestions for additional content, comments about presentation are always most welcome.
I hope you enjoy your visit.

Thank you.
Neil MacPherson. July 2004

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