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Summary of Content
More DetailsThis section of the site is a collection of 'home grown' information pages and external links to a whole host of web sites that have either caught my interest, or have been extremely useful to me over the years. It only scratches the surface of the potential wealth to be found on the www, but hopefully enough to show what can be found in times of need, be it from an elusive song lyric, an original font, a useful utility, the solution to a tricky bit of scripting or the weather in Portugal.
Sections currently include:
General - Just ( hopefully ) interesting / useful links covering anything but never will be everything!  - includes; Miscellaneous 'stuff', Obscure languages and symbology, Horse Racing Bets, Size converters, TV Guide etc.
Photo - Things photographic, software links, info on my home kit, tips, tricks & tutorials.
Technical - Driver Resources, Computer terms and references, Technical Site Links.
WebDev -  Web Development tips, tricks, tutorials and site links. Useful bits that have helped me. Javascript, HTML, CSS bits, samples, scripts. This section is getting quite large these days especially the javascript samples, most of which are featured throughout this website.
Workshop - A place where I try out things, scripts designs, develop other websites etc.. There may be workshops under the individual sections.
The Web Design and Development pages are my main interest at the moment ( 2007 ), as whilst I try to improve and develop my own Site, I'm finding more and more tips, tricks and articles from people who've 'been there and done it' already.
Having said that, I hope the other sections will also be of interest. They have been very loosely grouped into sections, each with their own 'content / summary' page.
Just select a section from the title bar above to go to that sections' summary page.

A Google search of this site is available at the foot of this and each topic's summary page.
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this resource web News & Update History

 01/2008  I've not added as much as I would like to this section over the last six months, but will endeavour to rectify this during the course of this year. I've found a stack of 'stuff ', hardly surprising, but I've been incorporating it into the site without telling you what I've actually done.
 02/2007  Due to increasing menu options in some of the sections, I've added a collapsible option to the menu to regain a bit of window space. Its javascript but will still display the full menu if scripting is not enabled.
Microsoft Expression Web (Upgrade Edition) (PC) 01/2007  Updating the pages to validate as strict HTML 4.01. A rather boring but highly necessary exercise, made easier by using MS Expression Web's built in real time syntax checker. It's not 100% but really works even though it points out the sloppy coding that was allowed by Frontpage!
 06/2006  Google Mapping has caught my fancy lately. Some hopefully useful links and notes here.
 05/2006  I've been messing with the section summary pages presentation / menuing.
 03/2006  I've added these content roll-up paragraphs for screen economy and hopefully making it easier to select what you want to see without having to scroll down the whole page.
 02/2006  Web Dev - Design Section - A new icon section - Finally sorted my icon collection and added a few more for good measure. Any icons used on this site will be found here, hopefully catalogued in a usable manner.
 12/2005  General Section - Language Section - Translators & Dictionary resources added.
 12/2005  Photographic Section, Home Kit.
 11/2005  Javascripts are becoming more my 'in thing' as the examples I see are becoming more and more attractive. These are also being called externally as I cannot see (on my paltry bandwidth) too much deterioration on page loading times. However, alternative (similar) presentation of the pages for those not script enabled have still to be fully catered for. Sorry for any inconvenience.
 11/2005  I've also moved my formatting (in most places) to external CSS files, part of something new being developed for 2006.
 11/2005  I've changed the entire website over to the 'new design', even the Home Page. The old format is being removed entirely so I can use the retrieved web space for a better resolution for my photographs and graphics generally.
 07/2005  This Resource Web Section has just been re-vamped, I hope you like the new design. I have used the IE exclusive gradient fill extensively as a background in this section. So, If you don't use Explorer, other than cosmetically it shouldn't matter. My fault for not checking compatability before I started. I've started to replace the gradient fill with a gradient image,  hopefully it should do the trick.
 07/2005  As a new exercise, I've just added the (incomplete) pages Resource Web all topic summaries and Resource Web all topic index. They are still being developed and probably will be for some time. I am creating them using basic arrays and layers (but its got a bit carried away). You will need javascript enabled to view them. If I ever get them finished and the index hyperlinks completed it should save a couple of dozen summary pages.

Important Information

More DetailsAny links to other sites have been found by myself whilst browsing the web, they are not generating any revenue (for me) and are not guaranteed to be suitable for your needs (but I hope they are).
Where software, tutorials and working examples are the property of the individual authors (this will be indicated where relevant), please check the conditions of usage on their respective home sites.
If I have inadvertedly included property you consider copyrighted, or supplied incorrect information, or you feel you have not been adequately acknowledged or correctly represented, please let me know immediately. I will correct or remove the offending item as you feel necessary.

General Information

More General Information - Neils Resource WebProviding you have allowed javascript, a double mouse click anywhere on the pages will take you back to the top (except when over hyperlinks). Otherwise click on the up arrow button at the foot of the page to return to the top.
Some Links to other information or places may have been abbreviated to reduce space, e.g., (Another Site) and therefore not necessarily show the full URL, (e.g., However they should still take you to the correct location.
If this is not the case please let me know so I can update or repair the link as necessary.
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