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More DetailsThis section is the start of a collection of links, notes and bits related to Google Mapping. More of an exercise in how I could use maps as a means of navigating my Travel Web pages.

Whilst using the standard Google Maps API is relatively straight forward, I've found that GMapez much more simple to use, as it takes all the hard work out of 'talking' to Google.

The Google tutorial is fine as an introduction to the capabilities of the API but leaves (me) short on the finer points such as marker formatting and positioning. The independent tutorial from Econym complements and develops on it well.

GMapez is much more straight forward. Its more within my programming capabilities. First and most importantly for many people is there is no requirement to use any Javascripting whatsoever, its already been done. Its the Google Maps API with some additional finer points wrapped up in a nifty bit of (ready made) java scripting. The capability of changing sizes, colours and text on the markers is probably its best feature, followed closely by its remote access to the information pop-ups. Yes, these features are available using Google's' API but are not as easily implemented.

The biggest problem with either way of mapping seems to be the loading times. It might be my impatience but I know that I have to wait over 30 seconds for my example to download and display on my 2mb b/band / 2.8mhz / 512mb machine. Saying this I know that much lesser specified machines are seeing my map in ten seconds or less. If I get to the bottom of it I'll be a happy bunny. If you know the answer or places to look could you let me know? Thanks.

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I've put my marker positioning guide below for ease of access for me (just displays the get-centre position and current zoom)