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Summary of Content
CSS IconCascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a simple means for adding style (e.g. fonts, colours, spacing) to Web documents. This section is a collection of miscellaneous articles on Cascading Style Sheets I've collected together or written whilst developing my site.
Rather than forget them when I move on to something new I've put them here for easy access.
The more I delve into CSS the more I curse not having taken time to understand it earlier in my site building. It is relatively simple and can be such a time saver. There are a stack of places where it could be applied on this site and I intend to work my way through them all. The menu system for this Resource Web alone took a week to re-work, and I'm still not happy with it yet. This leads to a really important point, that I have read about on the web time and time again and failed to acknowledge. Plan the site before you start building! At least the general look and feel. Using CSS will allow rapid updating / re-working if it is in place from the start. See my workshop page for a CSS home page example amongst other CSS related bits I'm trying out.

This Section's History and Update News
 01/2007  Validating my own pages to strict HTML4.01 (about time too)
 01/2006  Two useful CSS generating wizards.
 2006  Coming soon. Notes on validating your CSS.

Important Information

More DetailsAny links to other sites have been found by myself whilst browsing the web, they are not generating any revenue (for me) and are not guaranteed to be suitable for your needs (but I hope they are).
If I have inadvertedly included property you consider copyrighted, or supplied incorrect information, or you feel you have not been adequately acknowledged or correctly represented, please let me know. I will correct or remove the offending item as you feel necessary.

General Information

More General Information - Neils Resource WebProviding you have allowed javascript, a double mouse click anywhere on the pages will take you back to the top (except when over hyperlinks). Otherwise click on the up arrow button at the foot of the page to return to the top.
Some Links to other information or places may have been abbreviated to reduce space, e.g., (Another Site) and therefore not necessarily show the full URL, (e.g., www.anothersite.com). However they should still take you to the correct location.
If this is not the case please let me know so I can update or repair the link as necessary.
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