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I've used, or at the least, read all the topics / links on this page at one time or another. They are here because I found them useful whilst building my website, or they make for interesting reading. Some of the links here may also appear on the relevant section pages.

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All Sites have been found by me whilst browsing the web, they are not generating revenue (for me).
The Links displayed do not necessarily show the full URL, but should point to the correct Sites & should be fully operational.
Please let me know about Broken Links, better alternatives or other similar / useful sites.
Links to Useful Sites
Site Link Description
Analysis An excellent single page analyser.  12/2005  No longer accessible  10/2006 
Meta Tag Tips Meta Tag tips (located on this site). Site Optimisation. Meta Tags analysis. Improve your Site, Many good links too.
Robots.Txt Validator Validate your Search Engine control file.
broadband equipment
Netgear Wireless components (that I use). Good prices at Misco (ex Simply).
Linksys Was my runner up.
belkin Good prices. Good range of products.
● broadband / port testing Shield / Port Testing.
Dslreports Line Speed Testing. Line Speed Testing.
● broadband / service providers
Bulldog Seems to be one of the cheapest about at the moment. O.K. but if you have a problem, then you're in trouble. Getting a bit 'greedy' on admin charges for upgrades to 'free' speed boosts.
JabWebSolutions  (Matrix) My ISP (formerly Matrix). Still good value (except DOM. names) and good service.
tiscali Next to AOL they must be the biggest pain for 'free' cd's in the mail.
Counters and Statistics
Better Counter A hidden counter. Counts site visits, counts click-through of your external links and more.  Free basic service offered with a link and additional services offered for a small fee.
Webpage Hit Counter This counter is designed to help you easily track hits on a single webpage or multiple webpage's. To track webpage hits your pages just add the html code to your Web page, substituting a number for PageID and your email address for Email Address.
GlobalGuest Poll Service Create a poll for your webpage and let your visitors vote. Easily retrofits with your webpage and can be fully customized.  Easy to setup and use.
FreeStats Free Web Page Stats or add a Counter.
Stats4You Visitor tracking and site statistics. This advanced tracker/counter will generate all kinds of reports, and even count multiple pages! Stats4you can also tell you how many people return to your site and how many are new. Refers / Resolutions / Browser / OS stats are available
SmartWebby.Com The Smart Referrer is a compact ASP tool that monitors important pages of your site (e.g. those you have been promoting). You can find all the sites that are linking to particular pages of your site, the number of hits each site is giving you, along with daily, weekly and monthly statistics. With detailed reports and an admin panel it's an absolute must for tracking your promotion efforts.
Webalizer A fast, free web server log file analysis program.
FreeForm Add fill-out forms which email you feedback from your website visitors. You do not need to be able to access CGI on your provider's server. You don't even have to know CGI. Also, FreeForm will automatically generate the HTML for you. Free trial but small subscription for continued use. Create database backed HTML forms using only! Nothing to download, nothing to install, all you need is your browser. Two levels of service, free and professional, serve all needs.
Table Maker Fill in your preferences for the table you want to make and then hit either of the two "Make Table" buttons.
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