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Info - A beautiful village nestling at the foot of the old 'Bawn', was once the home of Chidley Coote, beside the River Boyle. John McGahern, the son of a Police Officer and a teacher, was brought up in Cootehall, went to school in Carrick-on-Shannon and now lives near Mohill. He is master at describing provincial life and the effects of people's interests, or indifference, in their neighbours' lives. One of his books, 'Amongst Women' won him the Booker prize in 1991.

Our bit - Cootehall is the furthest North we've been arriving there on the final day of our 1999 holiday. The mooring is on the way into the village which also caters for fuel. There is a  bell located on the side of the pump.

Three and a half

M.J. Henry's

● M.J. Henry's bar is opposite the Church in the main village which is about a half a mile from the moorings. Cross the bridge and turn right at the main road you should see the church on top of the hill. On arrival we found the bar was closed so we made enquires in the shop on the corner and were given the keys to let ourselves in. The bar gave us the appearance of a village social club, and I would expect it to be full of locals in the evenings. We were there at lunch time and virtually had the place to ourselves. All in all we spent a pleasant lunchtime in the bar having a good chat with the M.J. Henerylandlady.

September 1999

Other Cootehall Pubs / Restaurants not visited

I have not yet visited these pubs / restaurants, and therefore if there are any comments they  have been taken from the web, and are not by me.

This is a bar right next to the moorings, it also doubles as a shop. That's all I know as it was closed when we visited.

The Cootehall Bridge
(079) 67173

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