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Summary of Content
These pages contain photographs of my trips to Ireland and all sorts of information about the places visited. There's a personal River Shannon Pub Guide (with frames) or Pub Guide (without Frames) and town and village guides and links. It all started many years back (about 30+), when a friend and I tried a cruising holiday in Ireland. My brother and friends soon became involved. Then a period of other interests took us. Then, in 1999 together with three of my friends (Dave Thomas, John Moyes and Paul Fright) we organised a trip on the Norfolk Broads and a visit to Ireland was obviously next objective. Four or five trips later we've taken a break. Hopefully to re-visit again before we get too long in our respective teeth (mind you its now five years on!)
Ireland is truly an 'original' country, yes you've all heard of the welcome and of the beautiful countryside. It is so true. This is a must visit place, once tried, you will be forever smitten.....
There are still a lot more photographs to add here, but as most of the trips were prior to 'the digital era', individual scans from negatives are going to take time.
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01/2010Wash and Brush up time, at last! 06/2007Some minor design changes.
10/2006I've added a couple of (Google) route planners for Dun Laoghaire to Carrick and Portumna. (Boat hire collection points)
10/2006I'm re-visiting these pages and dragging them more up to date. After all some of the entries are over 5 years old. Your comments are most welcome, if you have visited any of the places recently.
05/2006Another 'techi bit'. I've adopted 'lightbox' for the displaying of the enlargements from thumbnails. A bit of javascript, but no problem if you haven't switched it on as there will be no difference to your viewing.
08/2005A 'techi bit'. I have given the individual thumbnail pictures more room, just six across the page instead of eight. Apart from being 'cleaner' it also shows up better in an 800 x 600 resolution (but 1024 x 768 is recommended). Also I've added white borders instead of the default blue plus a drop shadow. Your comments would be appreciated. Also I'm trying to work out a tidy solution to displaying the larger images (from the hyperlinked thumbnails) on to a layer or similar with its own navigation controls instead of having to use the back arrow of the browser.
05/2005 I've added the contents of Paul's ex-web which covered our later trips (1999 to 2001) in a more organised way (by towns / pubs!) It could be a scrappy presentation for a short while, whilst I get the pages fully integrated. Yes, I know its a bit late in the day for this update, but I thought his contribution was well worth including, 'cos its better than mine. I've changed a some of the pages e.g., the formatting and substituted tables for frames / layers (my habit, that's all). We will sit down one day and agree where we actually were on any given day, then I'll link my photographs to these sections. I've supplemented the existing text where possible with 'bits' and links from the web to keep the information as up to date as possible, at least, until I get to re-visit the pubs myself.

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