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Info - Kilgarvan is a popular stopping point for pleasure craft on Lough Derg, a small unspoilt village of great beauty. A strange place to find one of Irelands’ top restaurants, but it’s here and well worth visiting. About 20 minutes walk from the Kilgarvan Quay is the village of Ballinderry, which has some good pubs and a shop.

History - When commercial traffic sailed on the river Shannon, Kilgarvan was one of the principal barley exporting stations, where barley was shipped to the malting in Banagher. There are some fine nineteenth century houses in this area, including Gurthlougha, which was converted into a country house hotel.

My bit - Kilgarvan lies on the East shores of Lough Derg. There is a restaurant called the Village Grill but no sign of a pub? This is explained by the above comment found on the web albeit too late for us.

Other Kilgarvin Pubs / Restaurants not visited

I have not yet visited these pubs / restaurants, and therefore if there are any comments they  have been taken from the web, and are not by me.

Brocka on the Water
Ballinderry. Tel: 067-22038

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