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Info - Lanesborough is perched on the entrance to Lough Ree, ten miles from the county towns of Roscommon and Longford, and was originally known by the Irish name Beal Atha Liag, which when translated means "Mouth of the Ford." The town was renamed after George Lane, who received large tracts of land in the area in the seventeenth century. Lanesborough has grown into a thriving town and is renowned as a prime angling centre.
One of the main features of Lanesborough is the electricity generating station on the banks of the river. This generates electricity using peat from local bogs, and can burn up to 300,000 tons of milled peat in a year.

History - The original bridge across the river here was made from wattles, and in 1706 a many arched stone bridge was built using the stone from a Norman castle which stood where the car park is now situated. A harbour was built in the 1820's and the present bridge was added in 1847. The harbour was refurbished and is still in use by river traffic.

My bit - Lanesborough lies at the north end of Lough Rees, and is the obvious stopping off point proir to crossing the Lough. There is plenty of mooring, both sides of the bridge and in a marina. Unfortunately most of this was under water when we were there, and we ended up mooring against the railing of the park at the south end of the town along with most of the other boats.
We were delayed leaving Lanesborough the following morning due to thick fog and Lough Rees is not to be navigated in the fog.

The Life Belt

The Life Belt Bar is a delightful pub, located just 100 yards from the River Shannon.  This public house has been run by the Sorohan family since 1971.
Nice small pub on the main road on the East side of Shannon. This was one of the smallest bars we've been in Ireland, but was comfortable and was used by both tourist and locals. It did not appear to do food, which appeared to be the main problem with most of the bars in Lanesborough.
September 1999

The Horse and Cart

If you pass the Life Belt and follow the road to the outskirts of town you will find the Horse and Cart. We think this was the name as there was statue of a Horse with a Cart outside. Again it did not appear to do food. The back bar was in a thatched building and was almost empty. The main bar was crowded with young people watching some Irish sports event.
September 1999

The Lough Ree Arms

Lough Ree ArmsThis modern bar is a Hotel on the West side of the Shannon. The place was a long narrow bar open to non residents, which was useful as we were the only people in the place. Again it did not serve food, which is why we went in there.
The place lacked any sort of atmosphere which was probably due to the (or why) the place was empty.

Lanesborough, Co. Longford. Tel. 043 21145

September 1999

Samatha's Restaurant

This restaurant appear in the list, mainly because it was the only place in Lanesborough that seemed to serve food. Nice and comfy, tea room style. Walk through the village, past the old workhouse and down the hill (10 mins). Tel: 043 21558

September 1999

Other Lanesborough Bars or Restaurants not visited

We have not yet visited the places below, and therefore any comments have been taken from the www, and are not by me.

Corner House
Main Street. Tel: 043 21322

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