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Info - Scariff is a small village on the river Scariff, just off Scariff bay on Lough Derg. The village was once an important market town, and today the market survives, and Scariff and the surrounding areas are renowned for the quality of the angling. Just a short trip downriver is the village of Tuamgraney, which can be reached by road or river.

History - The river was only navigable up to the shallows at Scariff until the Shannon Commissioners dredged the river and lined the banks in the eighteen forties. The village is closely linked to Tuamgraney, where Brian Boru, High King of Ireland is reputed to have carried our repairs to the church in the year 1000.

Our Bit - Scariff is as far as we can navigate on the River Scariff  which drains into the southern end of Lough Derg. It lies a short drive along the Scariff from Tuamgraney and has far more mooring places than Tuamgraney, with more planned in the near future.
The quite meandering river very reminiscent of the Broads gives you a chance to see some of the wildlife with herons, swans and grebes being most common. The young signet pictured here was unusual as most of the others we had seen were much bigger.
The village lies a short walk away across a small bridge crossing the Scariff.


McNamaras●  McNamaras lies at the centre of the village where you are spoilt for choice of bars. The bar was fairly crowded at lunch time mainly with locals many of whom where eating here. Unfortunately we only had a snack not as we planned to eat in the evening. We returned later that night to eat only to find that none of the pubs and 'Restaurants' as advertised outside did meals during the evening. This was most unusual for Irish pubs.
Apart from this set back the bar had a friendly atmosphere but was extremely quite in the early part of the evening we were there. The bar was fairly large with a separate bar next door which was being prepared for a meeting later that night.
Market Sq, Scariff, Co Clare. Tel: 065 921020

June 2001

The Merriman Tavern

● Having left McNamara we went searching for a place to have some food. We should be grateful that McNamara's did not do food as we might never have found the Merriman Tavern. The Tavern lies just off the main road and could easily be missed, but should not be. It apparently has just reopened after being closed for about 10 years which could explain the lack of customers the night we were there. The warm welcome from the landlord was greatly appreciated as was the food. Our only disappointment with the place was that we arrived mid week, and not at the weekend when the Tavern turns into a music venue.
The Merriman has been a well known folk venue since the late 60's and has just reopened as such. The place is covered with posters showing the acts that have appeared here over the years. With famous Irish folk names like Clannad, The Dubliners, Cristy Moore and the Furies (who made their debut here) to English names like Raplh Mctell and Gerry Rafferty the artist list is impressive for such a small establishment. Not all these artists are from the past. The Furies were scheduled to play there soon, so if you are in this area of Ireland search out the Merriman especially on music nights and ensure the successful return of this venue.
Uncountable the find of the holiday and well worth its 4 glass rating, what would it get on a music night?
Main Street, Scariff. Tel : 921011
June 2001

Other Scariff Bars or Bar/Restaurants not visited

We have not yet visited the places below, and therefore any comments have been taken from the www, and are not by me.

The Nightingale Inn
Scarriff. Tel: 061 927119

Jakkos Bar
Bridge Street. Tel: 061 921066

Ryans Bar and Restaurant
Market Square. Tel: 061 921167

McNamaras Lounge
Main Street. Tel: 061 921020

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