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They say - A popular spot with anglers due to its location along the western shore of Lough Derg.

River Scarriff History - Claiming the oldest church still in use in Ireland and the United Kingdom, services are held on the last Sunday of each month in St. Cronan’s Church which dates from 950 when it replaced a 7th century monastery. Also home to a folk museum collection collected by East Clare Heritage Centre. Novelist, Edna O’Brien, whose early work was banned in her native land, was born at Drewsboro House between Tuamgraney and Scariff.

Our bit - Tuamgraney lies on the Scariff between Lough Derg and Scariff village. It is the first moorings you come to on the Scariff but be warned there is only space for about 3 to 4 boats. The river is fairly narrow so double mooring is out of the question. If you want to visit Tuamgraney and there is no mooring available it can still be easily reached from Scariff which is about a 2km walk away.


Teach Ui Bhríain

● Following the track from the mooring leads you into the outskirts of the Tuamgraney. Turn left and the first pub you come to us the Teach Ui Bhríain. The bar was fairly full of locals the lunch time we were there with most of them eating. The bar was large with additional seating in a separate room. Like most Irish bars it was fairly dim but with the normal warm Irish welcome.
The food was all home cooked but as we only snacked here I can not really comment on it. Like several bars we visited they were not particularly bothered about you paying for each round and allowed us to run up a tab. A nice and friendly habit we found and obviously they don't suffer from people not paying the tabs.
The oval plaque outside the pub indicates that it is a James Joyce Selected pub, which has been selected for it's 'Irishness'. So who are we to argue.

June 2001

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