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All my faultThis is my personal website, it is not intended as a commercial venture. 

Its a collection of my photographs, useful bits of information gathered from the web, links to sites I've found handy and miscellaneous 'stuff'.

This site changes almost on a daily basis, so if you like what you see, please let me know and visit again soon.


Below is a brief summary of this sites content....

Travel Web

The photographs shown in the 'My Travels' pages are a personal collection of holiday memories. They are not intended to offend in any way.

The sub-sections include photographs in....

Portugal, Ireland, Devon, Germany, Belgium, France, The Broads and anywhere else I may visit.....

If you were 'there', and would like to have your own photographs included in this collection, please attach your digital format photo(s) using the email link below, or lend me your 'conventional' camera negatives or slides for scanning. They will be returned!

I will probably need to optimise, re-size etc., and (subject to web space) publish them as soon as possible, with an appropriate acknowledgement, if you don't like the result let me know!.

Any contributions will be for use on these pages only and will, of course, remain your property.

As I attempt to add text comments to the pictures, please don't hesitate to let me know of any inaccurate details (names, places, dates etc.)

New in  2007  - Praia da Luz, Algarve, Portugal section up and running. A mini web of its own.


Resource Web

This Site is a collection of links to a whole host of web sites that have caught my interest over the years.

It only scratches the surface of the potential wealth to be found on www, but hopefully enough to show what can be found in times of need, be it from an elusive song lyric, an original font, a useful utility, the solution to a tricky bit of scripting or the weather in Portugal.

The sub-sections include....

Everyday links - a collection of miscellaneous links to interesting, useful or just fun links.

Graphics - References, Tutorials, Links to all things Graphical, fonts, icons, utilities etc..

Photographic - References, Tutorials, Links to all things Photographic (SLR and Digital), My own kit detailed.

Technical - Glossaries, Drivers.

Tips & Tricks - links to sites dealing with MS operating systems, creating boot disks etc..

Web Development - all things web, Javascript, CSS, DHTML etc.. Samples and Workshops

Workshops - an area where I test out new code, applets, software etc..


Personal Web

My stuff mainly., includes...

My Stuff - A Personal section, family, birthdays, outings etc.

Gallery - An independent Free icongallery application for use within your web space. Nice Layout. Well recommended.

Photo Art - A suspect title for a page or two of 'messing around' with my photos.

Other - Anything that doesn't fit in with the above sections.

Old 2004 Style (original layout, no longer featured 2007)


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Previous 2005 Style (still featured in some sections)

Hopefully, self explanatory and more simple to use. All have tooltips on hover over.

New 2006 Style (featured in most sections)

A slightly brighter look for 2006. Hopefully, still self explanatory and more simple to use. All have tooltips on hover over.

Important Information!

More DetailsAll external site links have been found by myself whilst browsing the web, they are not generating any revenue (for me).
Where software, tutorials and working examples are the property of the individual authors (this will be indicated where relevant), please check the conditions of usage on their respective home sites.
If I have inadvertedly included property you consider copyrighted, or supplied incorrect information, or you feel you have not been adequately acknowledged or correctly represented,
please let me know immediately. I will correct or remove the item as you feel necessary.

General Information

More DetailsProviding you have allowed javascript, a double mouse click anywhere on the pages will take you back to the top (except when over hyperlinks). Otherwise click on the up arrow button at the foot of the page to return to the top.
Some Links to other information or places may have been abbreviated to reduce space, e.g., (Another Site) and therefore not necessarily show the full URL, (e.g., However they should still take you to the correct location.
If this is not the case please let me know so I can update or repair the link as necessary.

This site uses javascript for some of the menus and effects, acknowledgment where necessary is in the open source code.


My thanks to all web folk and friends for the tips, tricks and contributions to this site.

Acknowledgements have been made where known, but please let me know if I've missed anyone.

Contributions, Suggestions for additional content and worthy links are always welcomed.


Please feel free to email your comments / criticisms, or requests for specific item removal using one of the email links.

Any contributions will be for use on these pages only and will, of course, remain your property.

This website is best viewed at 1024 x 768 resolution with IE6+ preferably with javascript and Animation enabled.

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© Neil MacPherson ( 2004 - 2008 )

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