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This Site is best viewed at 1024 x 768 - Some Picture / Text formatting will be lost at lower resolutions (e.g. 800 x 600). Also some animation and Java scripting has been used in quite a few parts of the site.


This Site is hosted by MatrixInternet. now jabwebsolutions. See here for Equipment details - Linux on Apache/2.0.46 (Red Hat)

The package subscribed to is the Matrix Starter Plan now H105.

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Casio Exilim Z850, Casio 3000EX Cameras used for my photographs on this site. See also My Photo kit pages
Orange Broadband Formerly Wanadoo / Freeserve Anytime, now (sort of capped) Broadband (Option 1)
My Other Sites
Freenetname My original website, needs reviewing now. - 01/01/05 Freenetname closed the site!
Freeserve No. 2 - Before Wanadoo took over, still banner free, unlike new sites under Wanadoo.
components and tools used throughout this site
Component/product description Links Comments
Windows XP Sp2 / 3 O/S Microsoft Icon Still can't differentiate between letter cases.
Grisoft AVG 7.5 - Anti Virus Grisoft Icon Worth paying for Pro version
Zone Alarm Suite
Zone Alarm Security Suite
9.0 Firewall Zonelabs Icon Worth paying for Pro or Suite versions, now with anti spy. Slightly quirky when it comes to updates.
Ad-Aware SE Plus 1.06r1 - Spyware blocker Lavasoft Icon Still finds 'stuff' missed by others. (New free 2007 version available)
Spybot 1.4 Spyware blocker This and above seems to covers all.
MS Frontpage 2002/3 Web Page Design Microsoft Icon Quick and pretty flexible. Using Expression exclusively as of 03/07.
MS Expression Web 1.0
MS Expression Web 2.0
Web Page Design Microsoft Icon New and much improved over Frontpage. Now my principal editor.
Dreamweaver MX Web Page Design Adobe Logo Originally for the more tricky bits, bur  Expression seems handle any problems now.
Microsoft Excel XP Tables used throughout Microsoft Icon Stacks of extra code but is useful.
Globalscape Cuteftp 5.0 - FTP software Globalscape Icon When not publishing direct
Freenetname Other ISP Freenetname Icon Abandoned. 2004. Still hanging on to my site name in 2007!
Freeserve Anytime Other ISP Wanadoo Icon Web space has banners!
AllWebMenus 4.1 Pro Front end Menus Likno Icon Big menus = Slow performance. Replaced with my own now (10/2006)
Site Search Engine Site Indexer Free software downloads @ Build Web site for you Worth a look, customisable
Plenio WebGraphics Standard 4.2 - Photo optimiser Plenio IconWinopt Icon No longer being developed. 2001, find it if you can.
Interkodex Button Studio 1.43 - Button and Title maker Interkodex Icon Simple but effective. 2000
DCE AutoEnhance Photo correction DCE Icon Good batch facilities
Photodex Compupic Pro  6.23 - Photo storage and sizing Photodex Icon There's been no further development since 2003. Abandoned for ACDSee 01/2007.
ACDSee Pro 2.0/ 2.5 - Image Editor etc.. A most excellent piece of software. Find it more practical than Photoshop for my web graphics. 2006/07/08
The Graphic Station Icons used on my main menu Graphics Icon Also see my icon page
HourphotoCalvin, Fonts used on this site   Also see my font page


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