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There are so many sites doing Icons, but its still a bind to find the specific one you want. There is still no option other than to trawl through archive after archive until you strike lucky. Ever tried to find an icon to represent graphics for example, a search engine will give you several million companies then a bunch of icon collections. There's no way round it, so I've added mine to the pot. I am using or have used everyone of these on my site. They have all come from 'free' collections, links to the specific sites are below the pictures section. This is one area that links come and go on a frequent basis, so please let me know if any of these links 'break down'. I've added a more extensive set of pages of just icons, hopefully catalogued in a usable manner.

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All Sites have been found by me whilst browsing the web, they are not generating revenue (for me).
The Links displayed do not necessarily show the full URL, but should point to the correct Sites & should be fully operational.
Please let me know about Broken Links, better alternatives or other similar / useful sites.
Some of the Icons used in this Web Site (help yourself)


Icons, Bullets & Bars (Unsorted yet)

WebShop - An online collection of buttons and interfaces for professional Web designers. All images are provided in Photoshop format with separated layers for great personal adjustments. All styles come with a complete button set: Menu, Home, Arrows, E-Mail, bullets and separators. Also with up and down state to create hot dynamic effects for Java Script animated toolbars. Some free offerings and reasonable yearly subscription.

WebFX - Need To Change Or Modify An Image? Buttonize, Fade, Emboss, Blur and many other options are available.
LuminEssence Studios - 100s of exquisite designer quality clipart and web graphics (buttons, bars, icons and page sets) all for FREE and updated every Thursday.
A+B+C WEB GRAPHICS - Custom graphic design / web page graphics - gifs, backgrounds, icons, buttons, bullet points, arrows, & more!
Media Links Free Horizontal Rules, Bars & Objects - As before ... another good selection from Media Links.
Pub Domain - Modify anyway you wish, use as you see fit, business or personal.
WebSite-Designs Graphics Zone - Custom matching graphics, bullets, and arrows
Red's Place - Looking for an animated Gif, custom banner or just a cool gif?
Web World - Another large selection of  bullets and buttons ... many 3D
Moby's Icon Archive - Buttons, with 3D borders, arrows, lines & balls. Easy index.
Jalanes's Web Graphics - Very nice! Now you can custom coordinate your web pages with family groups of bullets, rules and left & right arrows that all match.
FlamingText - Don't let the name fool you. An online web graphics generator for custom web graphics, including headers, banners, buttons, bullets, arrows, and dividers. They also have an extensive collection (60,000+) of pre-generated graphics (buttons, names, arrows, dividers, bullets, etc), plus clipart (icons, flags, maps, etc).
FlashButtons - This tool will help you to create an entire toolbar with text and mouse over effect in seconds.
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