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More DetailsThis website was originally designed to house my collection of photographs, its developed somewhat since(!) However I continue to look after the travel section and add to it as often as possible. I have lived with the MSFrontpage way of displaying enlargements in a new window, when clicking on a thumbnail. This was completely uncontrollable, preventing any controls, titling or customisation. I've tried the opening of a remote window, at least this allowed me to control the process. That worked but was still not particularly elegant. Its only after three years that I have found what I consider to be the best way of displaying the photographs. In fact I was so impressed I converted my travel section to the new method in 48 hours.
The original Lightbox is an excellent script for displaying an image in the same window as the thumbnail. Its shortcoming was that only part of the image is displayed when the image size is larger than the window size. Lightbox Plus addressed this problem by making the image expandable (with an on-screen control) when the image size is larger than the current window size. Also the image is resized automatically to suit to the current window size.
Single Photos Multiple Photos
This 'single' version is the one I use on most pages of this site. Click on any thumbnail for an enlargement tailored to the browsers window size. Click anywhere on the enlargement to close it and return to the main page. If the enlargement size is bigger than the viewing window size an 'expand' control will be displayed to allow you to scroll around the full sized image.

Lightbox Plus examples

Praia da Luz

Rogers Wedding


This Section's News and Update History
 12/2006  Lightbox + now has a nice zoom control and 'area in focus' location box, excellent for large photographs, maps etc.
 12/2006  Lightbox II (the slide show version) has been updated recently (v.2.2), its now much more stable and has some additional 'fancy bits added.
 03/2006  There is a new version of Lightbox which is designed to cater for sets of pictures in a slideshow. Early days for this version, I think, as the functionality of the original Lightbox and Lightbox plus is not completely implemented yet. However it might work for you.

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