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More on Summary of Content - Neils Resource WebThis is what my web is really all about. My Family. Its an attempt to put all things MacPherson ( & Pearse) into one place. Photographs of everything are plentiful, I've just got to scan them all in! This section will be constantly changing as it develops, and as it is just ours let me know how it should be done. I don't want to be the only one who looks at it!
01/08 Doesn't time fly. And another year disappears! The highlight (for me) for 2007 has to be the holiday, I would love to do it again! Mum is still as fit as ever, still not seeing her as much as I would like but as hysterical as ever when I do.. Gel and Mike continue as they always manage to do so and we've had some great outings and gigs this year. Sarah prospers and has moved jobs to Paddington and still finds time to feed me occasionally! Lucy is now 21! and still enjoying Edinburgh. She now has her own place. Andrew, James and Jane still seem a million miles way. Martin and Beth still watch the world go by but I think miss the crowds in the house. Me...failed my 2007 goals utterly other than the family holiday plan and several (too many) 'escapist' Portugal trips. I must try harder for 2008. A 'proper' job is (more than) critical this year. All in all 2008 is going to be 'another interesting year' but that's how it should be....
12/06 Another year has passed. A pretty good one for most of us. We're still here and in good health which will always be the most important thing. Mum is still running with all cylinders firing, long may she do so. Andrew and Jane are still managing to continue to live in the style to which they are accustomed. James continues to have manure in his boots and will definitely be another tall MacPherson. Gel and Mike continue to enjoy life and the crunch has been delayed another year. Sarah is back in the 'smoke' and earning a crust (Kingston Hospital). Luce has taken to wearing tartan in the north (Edinburgh Uni). Me, still ticking....... Martin and Beth are still fat and both Laylas' are fit. Looking forward to 2007, I reckon its going to be really 'interesting' if all goes to plan.

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