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I've used everyone of these links at one time or another and often more than once. So I've put them altogether in one place, for my benefit as well as visitors to the site.  In fact I'm the most frequent visitor to this page! I hope you find them as useful as I do,
Try the Google search on this web (at the foot of the page), it seems to work o.k. but needless to say you have to live with their sponsor adverts but you do get used to them after a while. Script for this is here

This Section's Update history
 11/2007  Another badly neglected section of my site. Stacks to add and am working on it now.
 12/2005  I've added a small star next to the entries I've used / re-used myself in the last four/six weeks 3 stars  12/2006  I'm now adding dates next to the entries to indicate when I added / updated them.
 12/2005  I've added a small star next to the entries I've used / re-used myself in the last four/six weeks 3 stars
 07/2005  Try this nifty script I've found at Felgall.com - Find on this page. This works better than most as it will find subsequent occurrences not just the first one. Also if you don't close the popup window the find function will continue to work on subsequently opened pages. It does cycle round rather than stopping at the foot of the page.
 05/2005  There is now an option to choose whether to open any links chosen on a new page, rather than replacing this page. Which means when you close the link you're visiting this page will still be here. If that doesn't suit you just leave the tick box below unchecked. Script for this is here.
 05/2005  Double clicking anywhere on the page (except on any hyperlinks) will return you to the top of the page. I've put this on all pages of this site. Script for this is here.
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All Sites have been found by me whilst browsing the web, they are not generating revenue (for me).
The Links displayed do not necessarily show the full URL, but should point to the correct Sites & should be fully operational.
Please let me know about Broken Links, better alternatives or other similar / useful sites.

Site / Page LinkDescription of linked Site / Page
 ● Breweries
Ballardsbrewery.org.uk A small brewery in Hampshire. A new seasonal (December to January) beer normally launches on the 1st Sunday in December. Pom's Delight (9.6%!) was the offering for 2005. Darkly Veiled (9.7vol!) was the offering for 2006, regrettably missed the walk that accompanied this one.
 ● British Archaeology
Archaeolink.com Current & Past Sites in the UK
Archaeology.about.com Current Sites in the UK, Comprehensive General Archaeology Information
Channel4.com Time Team's pages. The program that got me interested in Archaeology.
 ● Converters
Clothing Converter Clothing Size tables (located on this Site)
Xe.net Universal Money converter, up to the minute online rates.
Digitaldutch.com Unit converter
 ● Dictionary / Thesaurus
Merriam-webster.com Word of the Day, Thesaurus, Dictionary and much more.
 ● Football Pools
Vernons.co.uk Vernons Lottery and Pools page
Littlewoodsgameon.com Littlewoods Lottery and Pools page
 ● Horse Racing
Racing Bets Racing Bet types and explanations (located on this Site)
Racingpost.co.uk The Racing Post site
Victorchandler.press.net Past results finder
Goodbet.co.uk Bet checker
Scit.wlv.ac.uk Bet checker
 ● Information search engines
Google.com If used properly its more than just a word search engine.
theanswerbank.co.uk A comprehensive collection of answers to most any questions
Ask (Jeeves) (Teoma) Popular search engine for questions in plain English. Now renamed Ask and has taken over Teoma.
Yahoo.com A good 'second opinion' search. Between this and Google you've got the web covered (just about).
MS Live Search Had to include this.
 ● Lotteries
National-lottery.co.uk Lottery Results checker
National-lottery.co.uk The (UK) National Lottery home page
Playmonday.com New in  06/2006  Not as big prizes, but you can choose your charities. Only on-line.
 ● Maps
Amadeus.net Download / Print maps of the World's Tubes, Subways and Metro lines.  03/2007  1 star1 star
Multimap.com UK maps *** Good aerial maps as well.1 star
Streetmap.co.uk UK maps **
Ordanancesurvey.co.uk UK maps *
Mapquest.co.uk Good point to point directions worldwide.
 ● Map Tools
Mapmaker.donkeymagic A really easy to use Google Map Maker.  03/2007  1 star1 star
Google Maps This is getting better (for the UK)  12/2005  1 star1 star
Gmapez A really simple way of using the Google map interface, using it a lot in my Luz section.  11/2006  1 star1 star
Earth.google A fun (and useful) extension on the above. (Requires a download, and still weak for UK)
 ● Media
Mediauk.com 600+ Radio Stations listed
Mediauk.com 380+ TV Stations listed
Mediauk.com 1350+ Magazines listed
Mediauk.com 1350+ Newspapers listed
 ● Miscellaneous
Thefreesite.com Everything's free here, all sorts.
Rune Stones You do want to know about them. (located on this Site)
Multiart.nu A Rune page
Transport-for-London London Maps of Buses, Tubes, The Thames etc.
Underground-history Disused London Tube Stations and History (another pub question solved)
 ● Movies
Movie Database Find the movie, cast, year etc. Settle pub arguments.
 ● Music
Pandora.com Brilliant idea, choose your artist / music and the database will find and play you similar music.  08/2007  1 star1 star1 star
 ● News Sources
thefirstpost.co.uk A great, interesting and well written online newspaper. Well worth a visit.1 star
Bbc.co.uk BBC Home Page
News.bbc.co.uk BBC News
Itv.com ITV Home Page
Itv.com/news/ ITV News
Sky.com Sky news
 ● Places - Local (UK)
Upmystreet.com Everything you need to know about the area of any given postcode.1 star
Bells of London City Where they all are.
The London Stone Know what / where it is? (Another pub question sorted!)
Londoneye.com The London Eye.
 ● Rail / Bus
London Underground Tube - On-line enquiries, journey planner, timetables and tickets
National Rail Trains - On-line enquiries, journey planner, timetables and tickets
Eurostar On-line enquiries, journey planner, timetables and tickets
National Express Bus - On-line enquiries, journey planner, timetables and tickets
 ● Searching
Google.com Still the best
Google.com The cheat sheet for those extra Google commands
Msn.com Microsoft's offering
Altavista.com Oldie but goodie
Dogpile.co.uk UK version of a multiple search engine application, it works well.1 star
Copernic.com Probably the best desktop search toolbar around (2005/6)
 ● Shopping
Aldi.com Aldi (Cheap food basics) but its the 'boys toys' that are worth keeping an eye on (UK)
Lidl.co.uk Lidl (Cheaper food basics) but its the 'boys toys' that are worth keeping an eye on (UK)
Tchibo.co.uk Tchibo (UK)
Tesco.com Tesco (UK)
Moneysavingexpert.com A great source of tips, and great bargain links if you're quick. 1 star1 star
7dayshop.com Camera bits, Memory, Batteries etc. Mail Order and cheap.
Maplin.co.uk Some good offers to be had, but other prices are only average. Electrical 'toys'.
 ● Song Lyrics
Thesonglyrics.com Words to most songs (for that pub moment) mainly 'oldies'
Songlyrics.com Words to most songs (for that pub moment) mainly 'newbies'
 ● Spare Parts
Partmaster.co.uk Partmaster, Useful parts service for most any product (UK).
Spares2go.co.uk A comprehensive U.K. spares service.
 ● Sport
 Soccerbase.com  An extremely comprehensive site using the Racing Post's database.  08/2007 
 Football  My own page of my local pub supported teams. Yes it includes Wolves!  01/2005 
 ● Telephone Services
BT British Telecom
Telewest.co.uk TeleWest (+ NTL)
 ● Time
Timeanddate.com Global time finder and Atomic Clock synchronising software.
Worldtimeserver.com Global time finder.
Timezoneconverter.com Time Zone converter
 ● Travel
London Journey Planner Get to anywhere from anywhere in the London area***
Baa.com British Airways - Arrivals and Departures information
Expedia.co.uk Good all-rounder
Onlinetravel.com Flight price comparisons
Gemstonetravel.com Reliable group bookings (6+)
Budgetholidays.com Consistently good last minute cheapies
Travel Icons Commonly used travel icons and descriptions
Mostly Luz My Praia da Luz ( Algarve ) guide.
 ● Tips & Tricks 
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