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This is a brilliant 'language'. An episode from the television program "Time Team" got me going on this one. Really clever 'graffiti' (without being rude). I think I'm going to try and learn some more about this one
  • Each letter is named after a tree or other plant and has a number of other associations.
  • Letters are linked together by a solid line, which represents the trunk of a tree, while the letters themselves represent branches or twigs.
  • Ogham was usually written vertically (bottom to top) in inscriptions and horizontally (left to right) in manuscripts
  • The Eite (feather) and Eite thuathail (reversed feather) symbols are used at the beginning and end of sentences respectively.
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The Ogham Alphabet from Csupomona.edu

with variant names of the letters, and names of the associated plants

This table includes names common in modern references. Everson provides a much more complete list of variant names.

Standard name Graves Pennick Thorsson Everson English name Scientific name
Beith Beith Beth Beth Beithe Beith birch Betula pendula
Luis Luis Luis Luis Luis Luis rowan Sorbus aucuparia
Fern Fern Fearn Fearn Fern Fern alder Alnus glutinosa
Sail Sail Saille Saille Sail Sail willow Salix alba
Nion Nion Nion Nion Nin Nuin ash Fraxinus excelsior
Uath Uath Uath Huath Huath hÚath hawthorn Crataegus spp.
Dair Dair Duir Duir Duir Dair oak Quercus robur
Tinne Tinne Tinne Tinne Tinne Tinne holly Ilex aquifolium
Coll Coll Coll Coll Coll Coll hazel Corylus avellana
Ceirt Ceirt Quert Quert Queirt Cert apple Malus sylvestris
Muin Muin Muin Muin Muin Muin vine Vitis vinifera
Gort Gort Gort Gort Gort Gort ivy Hedera helix
nGeadal nGéadal Ngetal Ngetal Ngetal nGétal reed Phragmites australis
Straif Straif Straif Straif Straiph Straif blackthorn Prunus spinosa
Ruis Ruis Ruis Ruis Ruis Ruis elder Sambucus nigra
Ailm Ailm Ailm Ailim Ailm Ailm white fir Abies alba
Onn Onn Onn Onn Onn Onn gorse Ulex europaeus
Ur Úr Ura Ur Ur Úr heather Calluna vulgaris
Eadhadh Eadhadh Eadha Eadha Edad Edad poplar Populus tremula
Iodhadh Iodhadh Idho Iodho Idad Idad yew Taxus baccata
eabhadh Éabhadh     Ebad Ébad    
Or Ór     Oir Ór    
Uilleann Uilleann     Uileand Uilen    
Ifin Ifín     Iphin Ifín    
Eamhancholl Eamhancholl     Phagos Emancholl    
Eite Eite       Saighead feather or arrow  
Spas Spás       Bearna space  
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