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Visual Basic Runtime Files
VBrun 100 VBrun 200
VBrun 300 VBrun 400
VBrun 50 VBrun 60

Java Resources (Still to be sorted)

HTML Goodies - HTML Goodies is a site dedicated to offering help with any topic area that goes to building a Web site. To that end, there are tutorials covering everything from basic HTML all the way up to fully-functioning PERL CGI scripts.
Java Script of the Week - A cool set of JavaScript tips or tricks to help you on your way to JavaScript bliss. If they don't improve you, they'll improve your page.
FURL - This page uses frames, targets and cookies to let the user have up to four different web sites running at one time. Written in Javascript and HTML from DSC Inc.
Applets from JavaSoft - The applets here include all of those in the demo directory of the Java Development Kit, plus a few extras.
The Caffeine Connection Java Applet Index - Fully searchable/sortable database. It contains links to every applet they know of currently on the Web. They provide two forms to search the index with. The long form, for a specific search or the short form for a general search . Both forms search the same index.
The Java Centre - The Java Centre provides a showcase of the latest Java applets. The Java Centre also has a growing list of Java developers based in the UK, as well as information on seminars, training courses, tutorials and exhibitions, the latest Java news and developments.
Java Developer's Journal - An online & print publication that contains only the highest quality timeless information and technical knowledge. It is organized to complement content available to subscribers through JDJ OnLine and Infinite Java.
Java Programming Resources - Great collection of Java Resources from Johns Hopkins University, collected by Marty Hall. Nice site ... with a lot of resources.
Sirius' Java Applets - Java Applet collection containing 5 select java options.
BrainJar - Shares examples of coding and programming techniques to enhance web pages and web based applications. The examples may be used as is or modified for your own needs unless otherwise noted.
Javaprepare - This site provides all the information that you may need to prepare for Sun's Java Certification. It has a detailed Java Tutorial covering all the topics of the Java Certification exam. Besides a large number of sample questions for each topic, the site has FAQ on Java Certification and links to a large number of Certification sites.
SimplytheBest DHTML Scripts - A large collection of selected DHTML scripts and JavaScripts. All FREE to use.
JavaPowered - Java applets by the hundreds with previews and free downloads. Includes Text, Games, Image, Navigation, FX, and Utility applets.
KaZaaP - DHTML, JavaScript and CSS scripts -- preview and download, free for your webpage
Java4Less - Java applets for charting, barcoding and navigation menus.

Misc Tips Links

Adobe Photo Shop - Wondering how to create shadows, cutouts, fire, or patterns in Adobe Photoshop? Wonder no more! You'll find helpful, illustrated tutorials for these effects and much more ... both commercial and shareware.
Paint Shop Pro Tips and Techniques - 3-D Text Without Masks, Antique Gold Text, Backlighted Text, Plastic Text, and more. If you don't have the latest version of Paintshop Pro you will soon, once you see how easy it is to create professional images in just minutes.
Matt's Script Archive (Perl CGI Scripts) - Download ... insert into your document .... Guestbook, Counters, Text Clock, ... and more.
HTML Made Easy An html tutorial for beginners which also has some free graphics and webpage templates.  Easy to navigate site with plenty of easy to understand and follow guidelines for creating your web page.
SmartWebby.Com - Tips 'n' tricks on using HTML tables with live examples and cut 'n' paste code. Tips on using tables creatively to design attractive and fast loading web pages.
SmartWebby.Com - Learn how to create rollovers, swap images, animated gifs and much more using Macromedia Fireworks. Check out some cool features like PhotoOptics, Paste Inside and Transparency. Also included are step-by step guides and live examples.
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