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Epson Stylus Photo 750 - I've had this from new and it keeps on going, and with cheap ink on the web nowadays (which hasn't wrecked my print heads yet), its even more cost effective.
Epson Photo 750
Epson Stylus Photo 750
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  • Max. Resolution for Color Prints: 1440 x 720
  • Print Speed for Color Prints: 4" x 6": 1 minute 8" x 10": 2 minutes (?)
  • Compatibility: PC, MAC
The Epson Stylus Photo 750, with its 6-color printing system, can reproduce a wider range of colours and can do it more accurately than 4-color printers like the Epson Stylus Color 740. Because of the 6-color technology, the output has virtually continuous tone, especially in the flesh tones. The speed from the Epson Stylus Photo 750 will be faster at printing photos, while the Epson Stylus Color 740 will be faster at printing text.
The printer comes with a built in USB port. A Windows 98 and Macintosh USB printer driver is on the CD-ROM bundled with the printer
With Epson 6 picoliter MicroPiezoú technology, gives great printouts almost every time. Clear crisp text and sharp images, this printer will deliver everything you need. Not to mention being one of the first to use six colour technology (most printers of this age only used four colours).
Another big plus with this printer is the types of papers it can use. Plain paper, envelopes, T-Shirt transfers, Photo paper, glossy paper, transparencies, and business cards only touch the tip of what you can print on. That means for nearly every project you have, you can print it out with this printer. And no matter what kind of paper you use, you will always get pretty good results.
  • Fast Printing
  • Sharp text and vivid graphics
  • USB, Serial, and PC connectivity
  • Cross platform
  • Great black colour
  • Uses a wide array of papers
  • Easy to use, highly configurable software
  • 6 colour system makes for perfect pictures
  • For it's age:
    * Good colour quality
    * Good black-only print
    * Very cheap ink (if you search the net).
  • Somewhat noisier than the average printer
  • Long cleaning cycle when not used for a couple days
  • No included cables (except power cord)
  • Uses expensive Ink (unless you go for 'cheap' cartridges, not recommended)
  • All colours in one pack - run out of one and change the lot!
  • Needs cleaning very often - each time seems to use about 10% of a cartridge of ink
Results haven't been absolutely perfect. A couple of the black ink nozzles clogged early on, resulting in a print with light lines in all the dark areas. However, the printer driver comes with utilities for testing the nozzles and for unclogging them. Very little ink is used in the test, and it can be printed on cheap copy paper, so I have gotten into the habit of testing before printing large prints. So far, there has been very little clogging of colour nozzles. Clogging seems to occur only when the printer goes for several weeks without being used.

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