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Praia da Luz, Algarve, Portugal

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Praia da Luz
Restaurants, Bars and Cafes in Luz

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Restaurants and Bars in Praia da Luz

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Here you will find all of the Bars, Restaurants, Cafes and Takeaways I have found in Praia da Luz. It should be pretty much a complete list as I endeavour to check and update it at least on a quarterly basis ( when I visit ).
Dining out in Luz is a lovely experience with plenty of places, in such a small area, to choose from. You will find that peak dining times are usually between 19.30 and 21.30. So if you are planning on eating during this period make sure you book in advance especially during the high season. Getting a table by chance can be quite slim as diners tend to make an evening of it and a 'second sitting' is unlikely.
There is only one problem with Bars and Restaurants in a predominately tourist orientated town, that's the inconsistency of their opening and closing times. Whilst all of them are all open during the tourist season ( May to September ) they may not actually stay open or keep regular hours if business is quiet. Also, as the season winds down many of them will close for at least two or three months starting anytime from the middle of September. You will find that from Christmas to the second week in January some place may re-open temporarily. So the rule of thumb to avoid disappointment is to check / book in advance and don't assume that if they were open at 22.00 yesterday that they will be open at 22.00 today. The redeeming factor for Luz, is that as it has a large community of ex-pats you will always find several good restaurants that will remain open all year round. Where possible I've listed opening days / times but these should be used as a guide only.
Update 2008: As of January 1st 2008, Portugal introduced its No Smoking Policy. There are options to allow smoking in some places but due to the vagueness of the new law 99% of bars and 100% of restaurants in Luz are now non-smoking ( at least inside ) to avoid the hefty fines.  However  two bars in Luz have complied with the regulations and have opted to be smoking bars ( The Bull and Cafe Jasmin ). Fortunately with the generally good weather for the majority of the year and the number of establishments with terraces the 'problem' does not impact quite as much as it does in the U.K.
Any remarks included here are my own views. You may not agree. So why not try them and let me know if you agree or disagree or have some of your own you think I should include.
If you are a proprietor and wish to add / amend any detail, please let me know by clicking on the link below.
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Map of Praia da Luz Restaurants and Bars


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The Dolphin Restaurant
The Dolphin.
S.African & Portuguese dishes.
Open: Evenings only.
Bookings from 16.00 on.
Tel: (+351) 282 789 992.
Wim and Zenrika Bosman
A Portuguese 'local'. Not really geared up for tourists.
Has Pool tables.
Details soon
Kellys Bar
Kellys Bar
A spacious bar.
 Sky for football.
 Quiz nights Monday and Friday.
No food.
Royal Garden Chinese Restaurant & Takeaway
Royal Garden
A large Chinese Restaurant.
Large tables for parties.
A take away service is available.
Open: 7 days, 12.00 to 15.00,
18.00 to 23.00.
Tel: (+351) 282 767 239
Clives Sol Bar
Clives Sol.
Cocktail Bar.
Cocktails a speciality.
No food.
Open: 18.00 - 02.00.
Closed: Mondays.
Tel: (+351) 282 789 617
The Lime Tree.
Nouveau cuisine style.
Inside and Outside seating.
Open: Evenings only.
Tel: (+351) 282 789 475.
Volau Pizza
Pizza Take away with a couple of tables inside.
Open: 18.00 to 22.00.
Tel: (+351) 282 789 607
Chaplins Restaurant
English Restaurant
Quiz night Tuesday, 22.00.
Open: 18.00 - 02.00 (7 nights).
Food served: 18.00 - 22.00.
Tel: (+351) 282 789 932.
Atlantico Restaurant
International Restaurant.
Booking a must.
Open: Tues - Sun 19.00 - 22.00
Closed: Mondays.
Caveilero Restaurant
Portuguese Restaurant.
The Bull Pub & Restaurant
The Bull
English Bar and Restaurant.
Sun terrace with great views.
2 large televisions in the bar.
Open: Bar: 10.30 - 03.00.
Breakfast / Lunch 10.00 - 14.30.
Restaurant: 18.30, last orders 22.00
Tel: (+351) 282 788 823.
O'Poco Restaurant
'International' Restaurant.
Fairly large Portuguese restaurant.
Busy in the peak season.
Elevated restaurant (above Carlos Bar).
Carlos sign
70's type basement bar.
Located below the O'poco restaurant.
Closed: Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
Arte Burguer Bar and Cafe
Arte Burguer
Cafeteria type layout.
A pretty basic menu,
sandwiches / baguettes etc.
Take away also available.
Open: 18.00 - 22.00.
Closed: Mondays.
Tel: (+351) 282 789 498
Pizza Delicia Restaurant and Takeaway
Pizza Delicia
Pizza and Pasta Restaurant.
Take away also available.
Open: 18.00 - 22.00.
Closed: Mondays.
Bar Nautilus
Bar Nautilus
A basic English pub.
Popular ex pats haunt.
Small with limited seating.
Carlsberg draught.
Occasional limited menu.
Cave Bar
Downstairs / basement bar.
 Pool table.  DVD Club
 Occasional live music.
Up for For Sale but still trading as usual (09/2006)
A Concha Cafe & Bar
A Concha
A cafe / bar restaurant.
On the promenade, slightly raised with a glassed in terrace with good sea views.
Tel: (+351) 282 788 584
Praia Vista
Hugo Beatty Cafe
Hugo Beattie
A large, modern bar / cafe
In the Estrala da Luz resort complex.
Lively bar in the evenings.
(Part of the Oceanica chain).
Estrela da Luz, Rua Escola Primaria,
Modern Portuguese and Med mix of food.
Estrala da Luz resort complex.
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Open: Vary depending on the season.
(Part of the Oceanica chain).
Where: Estrela da Luz, Rua Escola Primaria.
Tel: (+351) 282 769 226.
Small Cafe / Snack bar. Recently refurbished.
Portuguese 'local'.
Inside seating only.
Small and cool.
Restaurante O'Portugues
The Duke Bar & Restaurant
The Duke.
A English family restaurant and pub.
Children's menu.
Darts and bar games,
Large screen TV.
Twice weekly Quiz nights.
Closed: Mondays.
Open: 11.00 to 02.00 daily.
'Happy hour' 17.00 to 19.00 daily.
Tel: (+351) 282 789 888.
Polly Cafe & Snackbar
Polly Cafe
A light cafe / bar.
 All day breakfasts and snacks.
Open: 10.00 until 22.00, 7 days.
Tel: t.b.a
Where: First Floor of the Commercial centre.
Maharajah Indian Restaurant & Takeaway
Indian restaurant
Take away available.
Large seating area.
Open Kitchen
Where: First Floor of the Commercial centre.
Cafe Jasmin
Cafe Jasmin
Portuguese Cafe / Bar
Where: Rua Direita, by the Post Office.
OndaLuz Restaurant
Portuguese Restaurant
Evenings only for full meals.
Where: Rua Direita, 4a.
Tel: (+351) 282 767 350
Panini Pasta Restaurant
Panini Pizza
Pizza and Pasta Restaurant
Take away available.
Open: 18.00.
Where: On the Rua Direita.
Tel: (+351) 282 789 101
Paraiso Beach Bar and Restaurant
Beach Bar and Restaurant
Open: 10.00 - 20.00.
Where: On the beach.
Plough and Harrow Restaurant & Bar
The Plough and Harrow
English restaurant.
A pretty substantial terrace (complete with a small fish pond).
Where: Rua Direita. By the fountain.
Tel: (+351) 282 761 4899
Real Pizza
Pizza Cafe.
Takeaway available.
Open: 7 nights - 18.00 until 'late'.
Where: Rua da Praia.
Tel: (+351) 282 788 369
Typically Portuguese cuisine.
Basic but nicely priced.
Amici Restaurant, St James Apartments
Italian Restaurant.
Where : Rua 25 de Abril, next to the Barclays Bank.
Tel : (+351) 282 763 119
Lively Bar / Restaurant
Special party nights through the season
Karaoke. Folklore, Fado, Texan nights.
Outdoor BBQ: Mondays.
● Pool table
Football, music video screens.
Large beer garden.
Tel mobile: Mario / Mark (+351) 282 762 054.
Tel: (+351) 282 788 041
Luz Bay Club
Bar / Restaurant on the complex
Promenade Cafe / Snack bar
Habana Cafe
Sea front cafe / bar.
Open: 7 days, 09.00 - 02.00.
Email: interluz@mail.telepac.pt
Where: Comercial Via Sul, Loja 4
Habana Cafe
Sea front cafe / bar.
Tourist meals and snacks. Nice place to chill out and watch the world go by.
Open: 7 days a week 09.00 - 02.00.
Tel: (+351) 282 761 870, (+351) 282 789 816
The only proper discotheque in Luz. Located in the basement, below the Lazuli cafe.  Perhaps more suited to the young teenage crowd.
Open: 22.00 until the early hours.
Entrance fee of €10.
A small cafe / bar. Good for breakfasts.
Outside seating.
Where: Just around the corner from the Habana / Lazuli cafes.
Crepes a speciality.
Aquario Restaurant
Restaurant / Bar
Has a good reputation.
Where: A small place in the Edificio Luztur complex (Commercial Centre).
Closed: Saturday lunchtime and Sunday night.
Tel: (+351 ) 282 789 177.
Fortaleza Restaurant
A 16th Century fort.
Portuguese Classic Guitar Thursdays.
Live Jazz on the terrace Fridays.
Frequent Barbeques during the peak season, e.g. Jazz Barbeque lunch on Sundays. Lovely outside terrace and walled in garden.
Open: 7 days, Lunch: 12.00 to 15.00, Dinner: 13.30 to 24.00
Where: 3 Rua da Igreja.
Tel: (+351) 282 789 926.
Fax: (+351) 282 789 993.
The Luz Tavern
Luz Tavern
Popular Bar
 Sky for football.
 Live Entertainment.
 Pool tables upstairs.
Update: Re-opened February 2007.
Cozinha da Luz
Cozinha da Luz
Open late.
Tel: (+351) 282 789 520
Details soon
City Sol
City Sol
Chinese Restaurant.
Children's meals.
Set lunch menu.
Takeaway also available.
Open: 12.00 - 15.00 and 18.00 - 23.00, 7 days.
Tel: Jessica: (+351) 282 789 878.
Val Verde
Val Verde
A large cafe and restaurant.
Where: About 5 minutes drive, on the right side of the old road out of Luz (Rua Direita) toward Lagos.
VilaLuz Aparthotel
Vila Luz
Hotel Lounge Bar. Has a large bright comfortable lounge bar opening onto a lovely swimming pool and landscaped gardens.
 Pool table
 several large screen TV's.
Snacks only at the moment.
Where: Ponta da Gaivota Lote nº 66
Tel: (+351) 282 771 110
Fax: (+351) 282 771 119

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Pub / Bar Cafe Restaurant Takeaway Resort Complex
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Credit CardsTipping/Gratuities: Generally 10 - 15%. Make sure you check whether a service charge has already been included in your bill as some restaurants have started to adopt this practice. You may wish to modify any 'tip' as a result.
Bear in mind like most beach resorts business is very much seasonal in Luz. Nearly all the restaurants and bars run their own timetables as to when they change opening / closing times. During the months of November through to March some places may close completely or have drastically reduced opening days / hours. Whilst I try to keep up to date with the changes they are not always in 'black and white' and will vary as the mood or number of customers dictate. If you do choose to eat out always have a back up choice to avoid disappointment. The good news there will always be at least one place open.

Amici Ristorante Italiano

2 Stars

Full Dining ServiceWines

See Map LocationA modern, smartly styled Italian restaurant. Light, bright and spacious. Marble table tops and cut glass. A comprehensive totally Italian menu. Exceptionally well prepared and beautifully presented, but good sized portions nonetheless. My first meal was soon followed by a second visit to make sure I wasn't just lucky, but it was every bit as good as the first. My choice has to be the monk fish alternatively the veal cutlets with spaghetti bolognaise, with a nice chilled Frascati. The sorbet for desert just has to tried. It has a bar / waiting area for pre-dinner drinks. Italian wines and beers available. Opened late 2007 and will be around for a long time of that I am sure!
 Winter Season :  It is worth recommending the Bar Amici for the winter season as a good place for cocktails and pre and post dinner drinks, or just to spend the evening in good company. There's a new cocktail list with exclusive new cocktails and specialist beers and wines, details soon.
Open : Evenings.
Where : Rua 25th Abril, half way up the hill with the St James complex on your right. On the ground floor of Block 5, next to the Barclays bank.
Address : Urbanização St. James, Lt 5-V, Praia da Luz. 8600-128 Luz Lagos.


Tel : (+351) 282 763 119.

Arte Burguer

Snack IconBeer Icon

Arte Burguer
( M ) A fair size cafeteria type layout. Though it is located in a basement it is quite bright and airy. Some fairly interesting art work on the walls. A pretty basic menu, sandwiches / baguettes etc.
A take away service is also available.
Open: 18.00 - 22.00. Closed: Mondays.
Where: Just up the hill from the main square / bank ( 1 minute walk ) between the Estate Agents and the Delicia Pizza restaurant.
Rua 1 de Maio, 2C.
Web: www.arteburguer.com.


Tel: (+351) 282 789 498.

Aquario Restaurante

Dining Icon

Aquario Restaurant
( i )  Has a good reputation. Stuffed Crab starter (for two). Prices ranged from €2 to €8 for starters, more for the crab dish and €9 to €13  per person for main dishes.
Closed: Saturday lunchtime and Sunday night.
Where: A small place just inside one of the entrances into the Edificio Luztur complex ( Commercial Centre ) which is on the right hand side just up from the Church square past the Nautilus bar.
Rua 1. de Maio.
Tel: (+351) 282 789 177.

A Concha

Snack IconSnack IconBeer Icon

A Concha pic
( O )  A cafe / bar restaurant on the promenade, slightly raised with a terrace ( glassed in when necessary ) with good sea views. Slightly cramped basic seating.
Where: On the promenade, Rua da Praia end.
Av. dos Pescadores, 6.
Tel: (+351) 282 788 584


More Details soon.

Atlantico Restaurant

3 stars

Dining IconWine Icon

Atlantico pic
Atlantico pic
( J )  Definitely a favourite of mine. Excellent food and wine, pleasant service and attention. A loosely 'nouveau' styled presentation, deceptive as the portions are more than adequate. A Dutch run restaurant with the owners, Paul Wortelboer as the chef and his wife Joanna taking good care of the guests. Be warned that they do not compromise on quality or service! So be prepared to wait, I promise it will be worth the while. The sliced Duck breast or Pork Escalope are recommended. The rib of lamb I had in June 2007 was fantastic. Occasional Fish 'specials' and 'wine of the month' recommendations. Booking a must even at the tail end of the high season, as you'll find that diners do not rush their meals here. You could try just after 21.00, you might get lucky, but better to book and go earlier and take the time to enjoy the experience.
See a Sample Menu here.
Open: Tuesday - Sunday. 19.00 to 22.30.
Closed: Mondays.
Where: The third of the row of the four restaurants below the church, between the Caveliero and Marujo restaurants. Opposite the Fortaleza.
Ave dos pescadores.
Tel: (+351) 282 788 799


Web: Atlanticoluz.com


Snack IconCoffe IconBeer Icon

( h )  A small cafe / bar with outside seating. A nice alternative to the two in the same block, on the sea front. Crépes a speciality.
Was still open in November ( 2007 ) after the other two had closed for the Christmas period.
Where: Just around the corner from the Habana and Lazuli cafes at the beginning of the Rua da Praia.


Tel: 75 - 25 Abril. - Praia da Luz.
Tel: (+351) 282 763 563

The Bull Pub

Snack IconSnack IconDining IconBeer Icon

The Bull Bar
The Bull Bar

The Bull Pub & Restaurant

The Bull Pub & Restaurant

( K )  A nice friendly pub with good service. A long, small ( quite narrow ) bar, but it is deceptive as it has booth style seating that will seat about 20-30 (be prepared to share). When its full there is a fair amount of seating outside and a tiered sun terrace with great views over the beach and sea. The bar serves breakfasts and snacks ( sandwiches & Toasties ). There is a restaurant upstairs with a small terrace overlooking the sea. The menu is quite 'English' serving Steak and Ale pie, homemade 'puds' etc. 2 large televisions either end of the bar showing premiership U.K. football.
Beers: Superbok, Stella Artois, Carling, Boddingtons, Tetley's, Guinness, Strongbow.
Bar: Open 10.30 - 03.00 (seasonal). Breakfast / Lunch 11.00 - 14.30.
Breakfasts / Snacks from 10.00.until 16.00. Winter: 11.30 until 16.00.
Restaurant: Open 18.30 - last orders 22.00
Where: Just off of the town square.
Rua da Calheta, 5.


Tel: (+351) 282 788 823.

Cafe Jasmin

SnacksCoffeBeer on draught
Internet facilities

( U )  A pleasant, typically Portuguese Cafe Bar. Probably the cheapest Superbok in all of Luz. Serves sandwiches, cakes, hot snacks. Coffee. Has two internet connected computers at €1.00 for 30 minutes. T.V. Cafeteria type seating.
Formerly the Luz Praia ( 2006 ). Smoking allowed.
Where: Just before the Post Office, 29, Rua Dirieta.
Tel: (+351) 282 768 277.


Email: cafetariajasmin2005@hotmail.com.

Calabaza Restaurant

Dining Icon

( P )  Modern Portuguese and Med mix of food. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and its opening times vary depending on the season. ( Part of the Oceanica chain of restaurants and bars ).
In the Estrala da Luz resort complex.
Where: Up the hill ( Rua 2 Abril ) turn right after the O'Celeiro supermarket.
Estrela da Luz, Rua Escola Primaria.
Tel: (+351) 282 769 226.

Caravela Snack-Bar

Snack IconBeer Icon

Not on the map.
Where: 14-r/c 25 Abril.
Tel: (+351) 282 762 683
More details soon.

Carlos Bar

Snack IconBeer Icon

( L )  A 70's type bar on the promenade, 'cavern' styled. A barman that looks like Elvis. TV's on the walls, 'glitter ball' on the ceiling and a mixture of 'oldies but goodies' music. Gets quite lively with 'younger' folk later on (after 23.00 ).
Closed: Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Seasonal hours otherwise.


Where: Located beneath the O'poco restaurant on the Promenade ( Ave. dos Pescadores ).

Cavaleiro Da Luz

Dining Icon

Caveilero pic
( J )  Probably the least impressive decor wise of the four restaurants in a row, however the food is good and the portions are excellent. Friendly staff who will try and fit you in even if you are late ( 22.15 ) but no guarantees. Try the breaded Pork fillets smothered in diced mixed vegetables.
Where: The second of the four restaurants in a row below the church, between the Chaplins and Atlantico restaurants, opposite the Fortaleza.


Tel: (+351) 282 764 157

Cave Bar

Beer Icon

The Cave Bar
( N )  A spacious downstairs / basement bar. Rather brightly lit when I visited ( October 2005 ). A bit spartan when quiet, but a lively atmosphere when busy.  A small form Pool table.  Occasional live music  DVD Club ( at 19.30 ).
 Sky TV for all major sports. Superbok, Guinness, Tetley's on draught.
Open: 19.00 until 'late'.
Where: 100m. Up the hill, on the left hand side coming from the town square.
Rua 2 Mai ( Rua Espiche )
Tel: (+351) 917 900 175
Tel: (+351) 919 760 709


Update: Currently up for For Sale ( Enquires ) but still trading as usual  11/2007 


2 Stars

Dining IconShopping Icon

Chaplins logo( J )  Fairly inexpensive. Great for British dishes when you want to go for 'home cooking'. Fish & Chips, Bangers and Mash etc.. Large portions, well prepared and nice service. They do a Cataplana for one which is unusual ( normally only for two ). The rack of lamb is probably the best I've ever eaten. The steaks are more than substantial. 3 course Sunday Roasts from €12 - ( 12.30 to 21.00 ). Take away service for fish & chips, curries, bangers and mash. Quiz night every Tuesday at  22.00 ( seasonal ). Gets very busy during mid and high season so make sure you book in advance.
See a Sample Menu here.
Open: 18.00 - 02.00 ( 7 nights ). Food served: 18.00 - 22.00.
Closed): December through February 2008.
Where: This is the first of the four restaurants in a row just below the church and opposite the Fortaleza.
Av. dos Pescadores.


Tel: (+351) 282 789 932.


Snack IconCoffe IconCake

( Q ) Cafe / Snack bar. A Portuguese 'local' cafe. Limited inside seating only. Small and cool. A welcome 'pit stop' after negotiating the steep hill up from the beach.
Refurbished for 2007


Where: ( At the top of ) Rua de Varzea where it joins the Rua Direita.

O Antonio

Dining Icon

( b )  Typically Portuguese cuisine. Grill and BBQ meat specialities.
Basic fare but nicely priced.
Where: Located half-way up Rua da Praia, on the left coming up from the beach.
More Details soon.

Clives Sol Bar

2 Stars

Beer IconCocktails

Clives Bar
( F )  A fairly small but lively 'L' shaped bar. Cocktails a speciality. Outside seating. Guaranteed a warm welcome and good company. Refreshingly, one of the few bars that doesn't have a telly! No food. The beers are a bit more expensive here ( €3.75 San Miquel ). Excellent choice of background music.
Open: 18.00 - 02.00. Closed: Mondays.
 100m from the town square. Just past the Royal Garden Chinese restaurant. Right next to the Lime Tree.
Rua 25 de Abril.


Tel: (+351) 282 789 617

City Sol (Chinese)

Chinese IconShopping Icon

( n )  Apparently a Chef from Shanghai. A good alternative to the Royal Garden. Seats about 80. A couple of larger tables with lazy susan's. Very brightly lit and certainly needs to be busy for any atmosphere. Perhaps a slightly more limited menu to the Royal Garden but all the usual dishes are there and the prices are comparable. Children's meals. Set lunch menu.  Dine in the gardens or Takeaway. Large Parking area.
Where: Opposite the Hotel Bela Vista ( Vila da Luz ).
Open: 12.00 - 15.00 and 18.00 - 23.00, 7 days.


Tel: Jessica: (+351) 282 789 878.

Cozinha da Luz

Shopping Icon

( m )  A late night takeaway.  'Dine' in or Takeaway.
Where: The first of the row of shops ( from the Rua 1 de Maio road end ) by Baptista Supermarket.
Open: 12.00 - 15.00 and 18.00 - 00.00, 7 days.
Tel:  (+351) 282 789 920.

The Dolphin Restaurant

2 stars

Dining IconWine Icon

The Dolphin Restaurant( A )  A very smart, nicely sized South African restaurant ( Ostrich Schnitzel, Bobotie, Sosaties ) and some good Portuguese dishes and fresh fish. Try the Tiger Prawns with Mango and a sweet curry sauce dipper as a starter, Saddle of Lamb on a platter with pureed greens and pumpkin for the main. Good, pleasant service even when busy. Good views ( if you have a table on the covered terrace ) from the elevated location above the African Art & Craft shop. With a bar waiting room. Make sure you book in peak season. Worth chancing it without a booking at the back end of the season.
Open: Evenings only. Season: Closed: November through February ( 2007 / 8 )
Where: Just past Kellys coming from the town square.
Rua da Calheta, 14a.
Bookings from 16.00
Tel: (+351) 282 789 992.


Email: Wim & Zenrika Bosman

Don Milhano's

Dining IconBeer Icon

Good 'tourist' menu. Cataplana has been recommended.
Details soon.

The Duke

Dining IconBeer IconKaraoke Icon

The Duke
( S )  Refurbished in 2006. A family restaurant and pub offering International cuisine as well as vegetarian dishes and a children's menu.  Darts and bar games, Large screen for big sports events.   Twice weekly Quiz nights ( Saturday ).
Lunch - 12.00 to 15.00 ( Saturday and Sunday only ).
Bar and Restaurant - 18.00 to 22.00. ( Closed Mondays ).
Open: 11.00 to 02.00 daily. 'Happy hour' 17.00 to 19.00 daily.
Where: Up the hill from the beach front, on the right.
Rua da Praia, 19.
Tel: (+351) 282 789 888.

Fortaleza da Luz

Dining IconWine IconJazz

Fortaleza Gardens
Fortaleza Dining
(  j  )  This really is a 16th Century fort. Overlooking the sea with great views. An elegant and classic vaulted interior.  Live music on Thursdays.  Live Jazz on the terrace most Sundays. Lovely outside terrace and walled in garden.
Some excellent fish dishes.
Click here for a Sample Menu. ( Average meal price €25 )
Open: 7 days, Lunch: 12.00 to 15.00, Dinner: 18.30 to 24.00
Where: Opposite the church, just below the main square. 3 Rua da Igreja.
Tel: (+351) 282 789 926.
Fax: (+351) 282 789 993.


Closed down 11/2007

Bar Habana

Snack IconCoffe IconBeer Icon

Habana Cafe and Lazuli Cafes
Habana Cafe( X )  Sea front cafe / bar. Tourist meals and snacks. Nice place to chill out and watch the world go by. Normally my breakfast haunt. Has a webcam if you want to make friends at home go green.
Open: Normally 7 days a week, 09.00 - 02.00.
Where: Side by side with the Lazuli.
Comercial Via Sul, Loja 4
Email: interluz@mail.telepac.pt


Note: In between this and the Lazuli cafe is a handy newsagents (  just inside the arcade ) where you can get the UK daily newspapers.

Hugo Beatty Cafe

Snack IconBeer Icon

Hugo Beatty Cafe
( P )  A large, modern bar / cafe in the Estrala da Luz resort complex. Breakfasts, tapas, snacks all day. Lively bar in the evenings. ( Part of the Oceanica chain of restaurants and bars ).
Where: Up the hill ( Rua 2 Abril ) turn right after passing the O'Celeiro supermarket.
Estrela da Luz, Rua Escola Primaria,

Irish Legend Bar 

Closed down 12/2008

Kellys Bar

Beer Icon

Kellys Bar

Kellys Bar

( C )  Despite the Irish sounding name, Kellys is actually a Welsh owned bar. Nice friendly staff. A good sized bar with plenty of outside seating ( a good afternoon sun trap ). Crisps and nuts only. Two Sky T.V.'s for football.  Lively Quiz nights Mondays and Fridays. A popular haunt of the English residents especially on the quiz nights.
Where : Just off of the main town square past the Bull pub and before the Dolphin Restaurant.


Where: Rua da Calheta.

The Lime Tree

3 Stars

Dining IconWine Icon

( G )  One of my favourites. Nouveau cuisine style, but excellent food and good portions. Comfy 'colonial' inside and also more basic ( chrome / glass ) outside seating. Usually there are 'specials' on the board outside. It is slightly pricey but is worth a least one visit during your stay. Booking well in advance is recommended during the high season.
Where: Rua 25 de Abril.


Tel: (+351) 282 789 475.


Snack IconCoffe IconBeer Icon

Habana and Lazuli Cafes Cafe
Lazuli Cafe( g )  Sea front cafe / bar. Tourist meals and snacks. Nice place to chill out and watch the world go by.
Open: Normally 7 days a week 09.00 - 02.00.
Where: Side by side with the Habana cafe. In fact hard to separate them, even the menus.


Tel: (+351) 282 761 870, (+351) 282 789 816.

Luz Tavern

two stars

Beer IconKaraoke IconPool Guitar


(  l  ) An excellent 'watering hole' whether you start, finish or even spend your whole evening there. Good atmosphere, service and plenty of room. Effective 'smoke free' atmosphere from the air conditioning. Since its refurbishment and re-opening early 2007 it now offers A full program of entertainment during the 'season'. Cabaret, Live Music, Quiz night, Karaoke.  Large screen TVs' for football / main sporting events both upstairs and down. Between here and its sister bar, the Bull Pub most live premiership matches are covered.  Pool tables ( upstairs ).  Video games ( upstairs ).
Credit cards (Chip & Pin) accepted.
Beers: Superbock, San Miquel, Guinness, Boddingtons, John Smith, Strongbow.
Open: March to November. New Years Eve.
Where: Largo da Republica 2a. In the main square. Next to the Bank and  opposite the church.


Web: Luztavern.com

Luz Bay Club Resort

Dining IconBeer IconKaraoke Icon

( e )  Hotel Bar & Restaurant. Usually features a Portuguese singer.  Karaoke.
Where: Rua do Jardim.
More Details soon.

Malhão Restaurante

Restaurante O Malhao
( Not on the map ).
Portuguese cuisine. Outside and Inside dining
The Meat dishes were a better bet than the fish. A little bit of a drive out of town.
Where: On the way into Burgau, on the right, just before the turning to Almâdena. Urbaniz Montinhas Luz-Praia.
Tel: (+351) 282 788 495.

Maharaja da Luz

Indian IconShopping Icon

( T )  The only Indian restaurant ( and take away ) in Luz. It has a mixed reputation but I've have found it to be largely 'ok'. Though the large seating area requires filling if its to have any atmosphere ( July/August ). At least you can see the food being prepared ( which is sort of a good thing ).

Where: Located up the stairs on the first floor in the commercial centre block opposite the Baptista supermarket ( The Electrical goods shop is just below ).


Where: C. Com. Edifício Luztur ( Commercial Centre ).


Closed down 04/2008


Beer IconCD RomKaraoke Icon

Mirage Bar
( d )  Large portions: garlic prawns, rack of lamb, cod Algarvian in casserole, fish or prawn kebab, steaks etc. Special party nights through the season  Karaoke. Folklore, Fado, Texan nights. Outdoor BBQ: Mondays. Eat as much as you like €12.  Pool table  Football, music video screens. Also has a fairly large beer garden.
Where:  Lt1 Ramalhete. Coming in on the old Lagos road, to the right as the Rua Direita becomes one-way.
Tel: Mario / Mark (+351) 282 762 054. (+351) 282 788 041

Bar Nautilus

Snack IconBeer Icon

Bar Nautilus
( M )  Though it doesn't look particularly special from the outside, it has a pleasant atmosphere inside. Quite small and narrow with limited seating. Has an occasional limited menu ( see the blackboard outside ). A popular haunt for ex-pats. Carlsberg is the draft lager here. With the newly constructed wider pavements and the introduction of the one-way road outside for 2007, it is actually now quite pleasant to sit outside.

Where: Just up the hill from the main square / bank ( 1 minute walk )


next to Pizza Delicia. Rua Primeiro do Mai (signed as Rua 1 de Maio at the foot of the hill)

OndaLuz Restaurante

Dining Icon

OndaLuz Restaurant
( V )  Monk Fish, Prawns, Kebabs, Lamb ( House Special ). Evenings only for full meals.
Where: At the junction where the Rua da Varzea meets the Rua Direita. Rua Direita, 4a.
Tel: (+351) 282 767 350
More details soon.

O'Poco Restaurant

Dining Icon

O'Poco Restaurant
( L )  A fairly large, typically Portuguese restaurant. Fair prices. A limited menu but fresh fish a speciality. Sardines, Piri Piri, Fish Stew to order. As it  gets very busy in the peak season they may run out of some of the more popular dishes ( e.g., Chicken Piri Piri ). It's an elevated restaurant, directly above the Carlos Bar, with good sea views if you manage to get a table at the front. A lively atmosphere and popular with group bookings due to its size.
Open: Closed until 24/01/2008
Where: Situated on the 'calcada' ( promenade ) along the beach front, more toward the church / fort end.


Where: Ave, dos Pescadores.

Panini Pizza & Pasta

Pizza IconWine IconBeer Icon

Panini Pizza
( W )  Pizza and Pasta Restaurant and take away.
Open: 18.00 onward.
Where: Opposite side of the road to the Post Office.
On the Rua Direita.
Tel: (+351) 282 789 101.
More details soon

Paraiso Restaurante

Snack IconBeer Icon

Paraiso Beach Bar
( X )  The only actual 'beach' bar. Snacks and Light meals. Prefab, glass and chrome type, light and airy, nice in the sunshine though. Inside and terrace seating needless to say with great beach views.
Open: Seasonal. 10.00 - 20.00
Where: On the beach across from the Habana and Lazuli.


Tel: (+351) 282 788 246.


Indian IconTakeaway Service

See Map LocationTandoori-Indian Restaurant. Seating inside or on the terrace. The menu is quite extensive and the presentation is good. All the dishes are pretty spicy but tasty none the less. The prawn puree and the chicken pasanda were good. Children's menu. Turnaround is pretty good and despite being very busy ( because it was new and the middle of August ) I managed to get a table within 15 minutes. A take away service is available. Opened 2008 on the site of the former Marujo restaurant.
Pashmina Indian RestaurantOpen : 12.00 - 14.30 and 18.00 - 23.00
Where : On the promenade at the Church end.
Address : Avenida dos Pescadores, Lote 3, Praia da Luz. 8600-130 Luz Lagos.
Tel : (+351) 282 789 667


Tel (Mobile) : (+351) 960 453 376.

Pizzeria Delicia

Pizza IconWine IconBeer Icon

Arte pic
( M )  Small and usually busy and pretty basic. Some good specials ( it has a blackboard on the wall ). Seating for about 50 over two floors. Large screen T.V. on the upper floor. Some outside seating.
Take away service is also available.
Open: 18.00 - 22.00. Closed Mondays.
Where: Just up the hill from the main square / bank ( 1 minute walk ) next to Arte Burguer cafe.


Where: Rua 1 de Maio, 2C

The Plough and Harrow

Snack IconBeer IconDining Icon

Plough and Harrow
( Y )  A nice spacious 'bit of England' type restaurant. A pretty substantial terrace ( complete with a small fish pond ). A good varied, frequently changing ( mainly English style ) menu. Very popular Sunday lunches ( need to book early ). Draught IPA ( properly stored in a cooled cellar ). Currently organising a supply of bottled real ales to be imported from the U.K (Update 09/06). The bottled imports failed to impress and has been discontinued but Fullers London Pride is now available on draught ( Update 07/07 )
Open: Thursday to Sunday (Winter 2007)
Where: Rua Direita. By the fountain.


Tel: (+351) 282 761 4899

Polly Cafe

Snack IconBeer Icon

Polly pic
( T )  A bright cafe / snack bar on the first floor of the Commercial centre. Popular with the 'locals'.
Where: On the first floor of the Commercial Centre.
Tel: t.b.a.
More details soon.

Praia A Vista

Snack IconBeer Icon

Praia Vista Cafe
( Z )  A basic snack bar on the beach front.
Details soon.

Prive (Disco)

Nightlife Icon

Prive logo( h ) Currently the only 'proper' discotheque in Luz.
Perhaps more suited to the younger teenage crowd, but don't let that put you off, it has a good atmosphere. There is an entrance fee of €10 but it includes drinks vouchers to the same value. Doesn't get lively until late, but the I reckon the music is better earlier.
Open: 22.00 ( but doesn't really liven up until 00.00 ) until the very early hours (  seasonal ).
Where: Located in the basement, below the Lazuli cafe.

Real Pizza

Pizza IconShopping Icon

( a )  Pizzas, Salads, Lasagne and Curries. Eat In or Takeaway.
Open: 7 nights - 18.00 until 'late'.
Where: Wooden hut construction opposite the Bombordo cafe.
Rua da Praia.
Tel: (+351) 282 788 369

Royal Garden (Chinese)

Star icon

Chinese IconShopping Icon

Royal Chinese
( E )  A large Chinese restaurant. Very busy during the peak season despite its size. Pretty good food, and usually good service even when busy but it can vary. There are large tables for parties ( with 'lazy susans' ). An good extensive menu and there are several special set menus for 2 persons + ( ranging from €25 - €40 ) The speciality is a "Peking Duck" menu for 4 people,  together with a starter (soup) and dessert to finish for about €70. Serves draught San Miguel as opposed to Superbock. A take away service is available  Booking is recommended during the busy holiday times.
Open: Every day from 12.00 to 15.00 hours and 18.00 to about 23.00 hours.
Where: Just off the town square (can't miss the street lighting).
Rua 25 de Abril.


Tel: (+351) 282 767 239


Closed down 12/2008


Dining IconWine Icon

Valentino's, Restaurante O Portugues
( R )  A well established restaurant. You can preview the menus outside on the street.

Where: Located on the left hand side, halfway up the hill from the Habana / Lazuli cafes on the Rua da Praia, 10.
Details soon.

Val Verde

( o )  A fairly large bar and restaurant.
Closed: Thursday and Friday.
Where: About 5 minutes drive, on the right side of the old road out of Luz ( Rua Direita ) toward Lagos, opposite the camp site.
More details soon.

Vila Luz

Beer IconSnack Icon

VilaLuz Aparthotel
( p )  This is an 'aparthotel' ( self contained apartments ) only a bit off the beaten track, 15 minutes walk to the town centre. It is new for 2006. Has a large bright comfortable lounge bar opening onto a lovely swimming pool ( adults and children pools ) and landscaped gardens. The lounge has  a pool table and   several large screen TV's. Carlsberg is the draught lager served here. Snacks only at the moment, the large kitchen is still being developed (  2007 ). A gym is also planned for construction in the basement area.
Where: Ponta da Gaivota Lote nº 66, 8600-119 Praia da Luz - Lagos, ( has a large blue neon letter 'H' on the roof ).
Tel: (+351) 282 771 110,
Fax: (+351) 282 771 119
Email: aparthotel@vila-luz.com


Web: Villa-luz.com


Pizza IconShopping Icon

Volau Pizza
( I )  Take away and limited seating.
A change of ownership  10/2006  The new owners want to try and stay open ( at least a few days a week ) in the low season. Seats 6/8 on a couple of small tables inside
 Open: 18.00 to 22.00.
Where: 250m. Half way up the steep hill (from the town square) on the left, past Godots restaurant.
Rua 25 de Abril, 61.


Tel: (+351) 282 789 607

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