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Praia da Luz
Algarve & Luz Maps

various maps of Praia da Luz and the Algarve

A few maps and links to maps of Luz, Lagos and the Algarve you may find useful.
Don't forget to pick up a 'freemap' whist visiting the Algarve. They cover most major towns and are available most everywhere. Invaluable! The recent addition of the searchable Google Map is a bit of an experiment at the moment, so sorry for any 'hiccups', you may have to add Portugal after the town name you are looking for e.g. Lagos Portugal.


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The Algarve


Google Map Help
  • Use either the Zoom In & Zoom Out buttons at the top left of the map to to increase ( Zoom In ) or decrease ( Zoom Out ) the level of detail.
  • Hold down the Left mouse button and drag whilst on the map to re-position the centre of focus.
  • You can also use the arrow buttons pan left pan up pan down pan right ( located top, left corner on the map ) to achieve the same effect.
  • The small inset map ( bottom, right corner ) shows the area covered by your current view.
  • The small inset map can be collapsed / expanded by clicking on the marker at its bottom right corner.
  • You may have to add the word Portugal after the town name you are searching for ( e.g. Lagos Portugal ).
  • You have a choice of the road Map (default), the Satellite view, Hybrid view which is the Satellite view with road overlay, Terrain view which gives an idea of the geography of the area.

Praia da Luz

Luz Outline Map

This is an indication of the distances in kilometres between Faro and the various destinations:
Albufeira 38 km;
Sagres 110 km;
Lagos 80 km;
Silves 55 km;
Lisbon 300 km;
Tavira 30 km;
Portimao 60 km;
Vilamoura 22 km;
Porto 570 km;
Vila Real Santo Antonio 55 km

Praia da Luz (from Freemaps)

More Map Links

Luz FreeMaps

A Large Algarve Map


Praia da Luz / Lagos

Luz & bLagos Outline Map

Lagos (ten minutes from Praia da Luz (About € 9 by taxi))

Lagos Food Map

West Algarve

Algarve West Coast

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