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Praia da Luz, Algarve, Portugal

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Praia da Luz
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Algarve & Praia da Luz Site Links

I recommend that you visit my 'newer' site at luz-info.com for the most up to date information.... If you really feel you need to go elsewhere for more information on Luz, here are some other web sites I have found interesting reading and / or useful as a source of information. If you would like to add your own (relevant) link or want your existing one edited / removed please contact me.


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Vvis.org Vale Verde Primary and Secondary (English) school. Burgau.
3 Stars
Welcome magazine coverA selection of magazines and guides for the Algarve. Free or by subscription. Publishers of the free and exceptionally popular, useful quarterly 'Welcome' magazine. Can be picked up in most supermarkets, hotels and some of the larger bars. Seasonal issues. Regional issues.
2 Stars
Green and Red is another free ( monthly ) magazine. Covering various regions. Not as well known as above but growing in popularity especially in the  Alvor, Praia da Rocha and Portimao region. Find it in bars, hotels and restaurants. The website covers articles from previous issues ( still under development ).
Maps to Download * * * Home of Freemaps - online / printable copies of the popular guides to the Algarve.
More Algarve Maps Not as good as above but more places covered.
Adanor.co.uk A few quality photographs of Luz
Algarve-luzbay.com A Little Praia da Luz information but has a popular beach bar webcam.
Atlantico A site I built for the Restaurante Atlantico in Praia da Luz.
Luz Tavern A site I built for the Luz Tavern in Praia da Luz.
Essential Oils Locally produced Aromatherapy - Have a Mosquito Repellent that works!
Golisbon.com A site which has many more shopping words.
Portuguesefood Back home? Get your favourite Portuguese food 'find' delivered to you.
marcosalvor.com A bistro bar in Alvor that I use whenever I can.
Portugal.angloinfo.com Portuguese service information. (Gas, Electric, Water)
Shopping - Other useful shops nearby ( for goods that are not available in luz )
Useful Shops See a new page I've started (11/07) for this topic.
Simplylagos.com A very comprehensive Lagos based site.
Travel Guides & Information
Justportugal A good source of information for the Algarve generally. (inc. Business Section)
Trivago A nice section for Luz building up here.
Tripadvisor Good information, reviews and forums for Luz and the Algarve in general.
Algarve Home Page Good all-round site covering the Algarve.
Virtual Algarve Algarve links including golf.
Algarve Directory Allegedly the most comprehensive Algarve guide.
Algarve.Org Links directory, travel, weather, maps, golf.
Resources Various language and culture site links. You will need to use 'Google Translate' or similar to read this page ( unless of course you are fluent in Portuguese! )
Algarvegolf.net Principal Towns of the Algarve Information
Holidays-uncovered Reviews on accommodation in Luz. ( Some annoying popup pages )
Algarve-luzbay Some Praia da Luz information and home of the Habana beach bar webcam.
Davesguide An ageing independent guide, with Luz visitors comments 1997 to 2003.
Adanor Some additional photographs of Luz
Luzpages.net A developing Luz Website. (2006) - Not to be confused with Luzpages.com which is Spanish directory service.
Weather The current weeks weather in Lagos (nearest source to Luz)

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