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Praia da Luz, Algarve, Portugal

Information and Resources

Praia da Luz
Praia da Luz Services

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Services in Praia da Luz

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This page is a collection of Services and Facilities information I have found for Praia da Luz. I generally review / update the entries pretty regularly so it should be pretty much a complete list, but I know there must be something I've missed or just not found yet. Please let me know if there is anything you think should be included here. Any remarks included are my own views. So please  let me know  if you disagree or have any of your own you think I should include. Also, If you have found any of the contents of these pages useful please tell me so I can identify the areas to develop further. Thanks and Enjoy.



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Map of Praia da Luz Services


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Luz Doc
24 Hr Medical Centre.
[ Details ]
Luz Dent
[ Details ]
[ Details ]
Crédito Agricola
Bank &  (External) Cash Point
[ Details ]
Main Taxi Rank
If there are taxis to be had you'll find them here.
[ Details ]
Nossa Senhora da Luz
Main Church
[ Details ]
Cine Estudio
[ Details ]
Swimming Pool
Open to the Public.
Euros 5 per day.
Privately owned.
[ Details ]
Open during normal business hours
[ Details ]
Papelaria da Luz
[ Details ]
Public Telephones
[ Details ]
The largest in Luz
[ Details ]
Inside the arcade between the two cafes.
[ Details ]
Public Toilets
Inside the arcade between the two cafes.
[ Details ]
Public Telephones
[ Details ]
Car Park
Free to €1.50 All day depending on the season
[ Details ]
Ali Super
[ Details ]
Post Office
Correios, Telegrafos e Telefones - C.T.T.
[ Details ]
Banco Espirito Santo
Lobby Service Cash point.
Rua 25 de Abril.
[ Details ]
Ali Super
7/11 style.
[ Details ]
Baptista Supermarket
Cash Point.
Inside the entrance. Not 24hrs.
Only available when the supermarket is open.
[ Details ]
Mini Market
[ Details ]
Mini Market
[ Details ]
Nearest Petrol Station
[ Details ]
Roman Ruins
Fish Salting Pens, Baths
[ Details ]
16th Century
Now a smart restaurant.
[ Details ]
Roman Aquaduct
[ Details ]

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Bank / ATM Newsagents Services Sights Supermarkets

Emergency Services

Emergency Telephone Number
Dialling 112 from any phone box is the same as dialling 999 ( UK ) or 911 ( US ).
Just tell the operator which service you require. Police, Fire or Ambulance.
AmbulanceAmbulance - ( Ambulância )
There are none based in Luz, the nearest being in Lagos -10 to 20 minutes..
Dial 112 from any phone box and the operator will connect you.
Note: Remember to take your Passport with you when seeking medical attention.
Nearest Hospital: Lagos
Tel: (+351) 282 760 115.
DoctorsGo to the Map24hrs Medic - ( Doutor )
Luzdoc - This is a modern surgery just off the town square.
Note: Medical insurance is advised, even though EU citizens can obtain a refund of most medical costs by using form / card E111 (  forms available from Post Offices in the U.K. or online here  ).
Remember to take your Passport with you when seeking medical attention.
Update ( 2006 ) :  E111 is no longer valid you should have an EHIC replacement.
Where : Rua 25 de Abril, 12, Praia da Luz, 8600-174 Luz, Lagos.
Tel: (+351) 282 780 700.
Fax: (+351) 282 780 709.
Fire StationFire - ( Bombeiros )
There is no fire station in Luz, the nearest is in Lagos - 15 minutes.
Dial 112 from any phone box and the operator will connect you.
Nearest Fire Station: Lagos
Coming from Luz go anti-clockwise on the ring road, on the left as you descend the hill toward the seafront.
Tel: (+351) 282 770 790.
HospitalHospital - ( Hospital )
There are 24 hour hospitals at Faro, Loule, Albufeira, Portimao, Alvor and Lagos, all have English speaking staff.
Note: Remember to take your Passport with you.
Emergency: Lagos
Tel: (+351) 282 771 000.
Nearest Hospital: Lagos
Tel: (+351) 282 770 100.
Nearest (Private) Hospital: Lagos
Hospital Privado Sao Goncalo.
Tel: (+351) 282 760 181.
PolicePolice - ( Polícia )
There are none based in Praia da Luz, but there are fairly regular mobile patrols that cover the Luz area.
Dial 112 from any phone box and the operator will connect you.
Nearest Police Station: Lagos
Tel: (+351) 282 762 930.

General Information

AirportAirport - ( Aeroporto )
Faro is the nearest to / most convenient for Praia da Luz.
Information: (+351) 289 818 982.
Lost & Found: (+351) 289 818 302.
As of January 1st 2008, Portugal introduced its No Smoking Policy. There are options to allow smoking in some places but due to the vagueness of the new law at this time ( 01/08 ), 99% of bars and 100% of restaurants in Luz are now non-smoking ( at least inside the premises ) in order to avoid the hefty fines. However two bars in Luz have complied with the regulations and have opted to be smoking bars ( The Bull and Cafe Jasmin ). Fortunately with the generally good weather for the majority of the year and the number of places with terraces the 'problem' does not impact quite as much as it does in the U.K. All premises are required to display signs denoting whether they are Smoking or Non-Smoking establishments.
Cigarettes and Tobacco: If you are a smoker, don't bother stocking up at the airport when you arrive as prices, unlike the U.K., are fixed throughout the country. You can buy as you need to without looking for 'cut price' outlets. Even though tobacco has gone up in price by over 200% in the last couple of years it is still cheaper than the U.K.
TelephonesGo to the MapGo to the MapGo to the MapTelephones - ( Telefone )
Public telephones are located by the Habana / Lazuli cafes on the Av. dos Pescadores, by the Dolphin Restaurant on the Rua da Calheta and also up by the Commercial Centre ( opposite the Baptista supermarket ).
Dial 0044 for the United Kingdom from Portugal (don't forget to drop the zero from the home area code).
International access code for Portugal is +351. No area or city codes required.
You will also need to use this prefix when using a non-Portuguese mobile phone in Portugal.
International calls can be made direct and the dialling code for Portugal is '351'  International calls must first dial "00", then the country dialling code, then the area code without the prefix "0", and lastly the subscribers' number.
An Example:
00 + ( Country Code ) + ( Town / Area Code ) + ( Telephone Number )
00 + 351 + 282 + 770 790
Within Portugal you can call direct to any subscriber first dialling the area code (if the destination of the call is outside the area in which the call is being made) then the telephone number.
An Example:
( Town / Area Code ) + ( Telephone Number )
289 + 818 982
For an idea of where you're ringing, the area codes in the Algarve are: • 281 = East Algarve,  • 289 = Central Algarve,  • 282 = West Algarve.
Calls made from bars, restaurants and hotels are usually much more expensive than the public phones in the street. ( ifones' ) can be bought at many places and is recommended as it allows you to monitor your expenditure and only charges what you use ( nearest available from the newsagent in the arcade between the two cafes ).
Phone calls are cheaper at the weekends, holidays and from 21.00 – 09.00.
Operator: Dial 099.
Emergency: Dial 112 ( the equivalent of 999 in the U.K. ).
TippingTipping / Gratuities - ( Gratuities )
Generally 10-15%. First check if a service charge has already been included in your bill as some of the tourist restaurants have started to adopt this practice and you may wish to adjust your tip accordingly.
Time ZonesTime Zone - ( Zona de Tempo )
Greenwich Mean Time; same as the UK. So do not adjust your watches ( unless you're coming from elsewhere ).
Time ZonesTourist Office - ( Turista Escritório )
There is none based in Luz, the nearest being Lagos. See here for other Algarve tourist offices.
Where: Largo Marquês de Pombal. Rua Vasco da Gama. Lagos
Tel: (+351) 282 763 031
Weights & MeasuresWeights and Measures - ( Pesos e Medidas )
Metric, so bring your calculator or a conversion table if you think you may have a problem.

Local Services

BanksBanks - ( Banco )
Some Bars / Restaurants may accept sterling but it will be at a poorer rate of exchange.
Other nearest banks / cash points are in Lagos. We've found that exchange rates for UK sterling can be better than at home ( even with commission added ).
The currency is the Euro, ( seven banknotes and eight coins ).
BanksGo to the MapBank
Crédito Agricola - English speaking staff. Commission is charged on exchanges. No credit card transactions over the counter so use the outside ATM (Cash point). It has been known to empty on / during national / bank holidays.
Where: On the corner of square about 100m north of the Church.
BanksGo to the MapBank
Banco Espirito Santo - Lobby Service / Cash point.
Where: 500m Up the hill ( Rua 2nd Abril ) from the square, on the right hand side of the road. .
CashpointGo to the MapCash Point - ( ATM )
Baptista Supermarket - Located just inside the Baptista supermarket lobby five minutes walk up the hill from the town square. Open available during Supermarket opening hours.
Where: Up the hill ( Rua Primeiro do Maio ) from the town square, take the first turning to the right.
Car ParksGo to the MapCar Parking - ( Parque De Carro )
There is one main car park located by the Lazuli / Habana bars on the seafront. It costs €1.50 for as long as you want during the summer months, otherwise its free. Another place to park is at the other end of the seafront on the waste ground just below the church ( access from the square ). Also there are spaces by the Baptista supermarket. However parking is generally free most everywhere in town, if you can find it.
CinemaGo to the MapCinema - ( Cinema )
Cine Estúdio
English and Portuguese language films. Original language films with Portuguese sub-titles.
What's On now. The site is in Portuguese but you should be able to work it out. There is also an advertising billboard on the sea front by the Habana / Lazuli cafes that will tell you what's currently on and when ( normally 21.00 / 22.00 ).
Where: Edificio Luztur ( Commercial Center )
Tel: (+351) 282 703 332.
ReligionGo to the MapChurches - ( Igreja )
The church of Nossa Senhora da Luz ( Our Lady of the Light ).
You will find Portugal is overwhelmingly Roman Catholic and its people are very religious.
Masses are held every morning in the Parish churches.
There are services in English in most principal tourist areas, the Nossa Senhora in Luz is no exception. Check at the Church for service times as they may vary depending on holidays and celebrations.
Where: Located in the center of the town, just off of the square. It can't be missed as it is yellow and white and beautifully maintained.
DentistGo to the MapDentist - ( Dentista )
Luz Dent.
Dr Peter Steinhausen. One of Luz's two dental practices.
Where: Rua 25 de Abril, Up the hill, past the Chinese restaurant, next to the O'Celeiro supermarket.
Tel: (+351) 282 788 820.
DentistDentist - ( Dentista )
Laboratorio Dentario.
The other of Luzs' two dental practices who speak fluent English.
Where: Rua 25 de Abril. Up the hill pass the Chinese restaurant, opposite Luzdoc medical centre.
Tel: (+351) 282 788 670.
Fax: (+351) 282 789 268.
NewspapersGo to the MapGo to the MapGo to the MapNewspapers
The main Portuguese newspaper in English, is The Resident. Published weekly. There are two versions depending on where you are located, Lisbon or Algarve. Essential Algarve is a bi-monthly magazine. The Portugal Post and The Portugal News are good online daily electronic papers. Versions of the Mail and Mail on Sunday are printed in Lisbon so will be available in newsagents fairly early in the morning. They are the same as the U.K. versions except for more localised advertising. Other English newspapers will arrive at anytime up to midday as they are flown in. You will pay a bit more for these as a result.
The following are not the only newsagents but these do have English newspapers ( and cigarettes )
Where: In the Commercial Centre by the Pharmacy. ( I )
Where: In the Baptista Supermarket. ( J )
Where: In the arcade between the two cafes on the seafront. ( K )
TaxisGo to the MapPetrol - ( Garagem )
There isn't a petrol station in Luz. However, If you drive in the direction of Lagos / the motorway, there is a petrol station just off of the last roundabout ( the Lagos exit ) before you get on to the dual carriageway that leads to the motorway.
PharmacyGo to the MapPharmacy - ( Farmacias )
Look out for a green cross sign. Pharmacies are open during normal business hours, there is normally one pharmacy in every town that is on duty through the night, it's address is posted in the windows of every other chemist and in local newspapers. There is just one in Luz, alternatively there are several in Lagos.( See the Algarve Towns ( A - l ) page, Lagos section for addresses ).
Where: Up the hill past the bank in the town square. Inside the Commercial Centre.
Post Office Go to the MapPost Office - ( Correios )
The Post Office, Telegrafos e Telefones - C.T.T.
It can be used for telephone calls and stamps.
Click on here to vist C.T.T. Web SiteStamps can also be bought from news stands and tobacconists ( e.g. on the beach front or in the Commercial Centre ).
Normal (internal) post takes up to 3 days for delivery.
Registered Mail and Parcel services available in the Post Office.
Economy cheaper than Airmail but could take longer.
Airmail takes up to 5 days ( Europe ), 7 days ( rest of the World )
Where: 5 minutes walk from the town square, along the Rue Directa ( the old road to Lagos ) on the right.
Open: 0900 -1800 but is closed at weekends and bank holidays.
Normal Mail Priority Mail (Correio Azul)
< 20 gram Portugal: 0.30 €
Europe: 0.56 €
World: 0.72 €
< 20 gram:
Portugal: 0.45 €
Europe: 1.75 €
World: 1.75 €
21 — 50 gram: Portugal: 0.45 €
Europe: 1.05 €
World: 1.65 €
21 — 50 gram:
Portugal: 0.58 €
Europe: 2.35 €
World: 2.35 €
51 — 100 gram: Portugal: 0.48 €
Europe: 1.10 €
World: 1.75 €
51 — 100 gram: Portugal: 0.62 €
Europe: 2.75 €
World: 2.75 €
ToiletsGo to the MapPublic Toilets - ( Toaletes Publicos )
These are the only ones I've found so far. On the seafront, in the arcade between the Habana and Lazuli cafes, also a pretty ropey but clean block near the top of the hill of the Rua da Praia. Otherwise in most any bar, cafe or restaurant.
Radio StationsRadio Stations - ( Estações de Rádio )
Plenty of stations to be had in the Algarve / Portugal. This is fortunate as when travelling down the coast they often fade away. They play a variety of Portuguese and International music. Just a few listed below that seem to remain quite clear around the Luz / Lagos area.
104.9 - RFM, 104.3 - Nostalgia, 103.6 - Total FM, 94.0 - Solar FM, 88.1 - Radio Commercial.
101.2 - Kiss FM is an English Language radio station.
94.6 - Sagres FM is the 'Local' station,
National Radio stations are:
Antena 1 similar to the UK's BBC Radio 2, e.g. news, sport and middle-of-the road music.
Antena 2 similar to the UK's BBC Radio 4, e.g. mainly classical music and fado (Portugal's folk-music).
Antena 3 (101.9 FM) Radio 1.
ShoppingCestinho on the MapAli Super on the MapBaptista - on the MapAli Super on the MapO'Celeiro on the MapShopping: - ( Lojas )
Also see my Luz Shopping Page for more details of the Supermarkets listed here.
Generally shops are open 0900-1300 and 1500-1900, Monday to Friday, closing lunchtime Saturday. These times may vary depending on how the season is faring. The siesta, enjoyed by nearby Spain is not observed here, but two hours for lunch is to be expected. Supermarkets may open 0800-2000 weekdays. There are five supermarkets in Luz, the biggest and probably the best being Baptista, there is also an Ali Super ( 7-11 type ) by the Church in the main square and another Ali Super on the hill Rua da Plage. The O'Celeiro supermarket up the hill in Rua 25 da Avril is not quite as extensive but it is open on Sundays. The Cestinho is a small shop that has the basic essentials a bit off the beaten track but its located to serve mainly the Estrela complex The larger 'superstores' are in nearby Lagos.
Fresh fruit and vegetables can be purchased at markets held daily in the market building of Lagos. Larger markets where you can buy clothes, shoes and handicrafts are held in Lagos on the first Saturday of the month. See the foot of the Miscellaneous page for other market days.
PoolGo to the MapSwimming Pool - ( Pescine )
A handy find. A large swimming pool with a separate children's pool. Loungers etc. Snack Bar.
Cost: Adults: €5.00. Children: €2.50 for the day. ( 2007 / 8 )
Open: from 09.00 to 23.00 ( peak season ).
Where: Access from the ground floor of the Commercial Centre through a small doorway marked Pescine ( opposite the entrance to Soozeys bar ), and up the stairs as it is located on the first floor ( directly above the cinema ).

Utilities Information

In This Section Electricity Gas Water Rubbish Internet      
ElectricityElectricity - ( Electricidade )
The national electricity company in Portugal is EDP Energias de Portugal SA.
Electrical Emergency - Tel:: 800 506 506.
The electrical power is 230 volts / 50 Hz ( as in the U.K. ). Appliances use the standard European two pin round plugs ( type 'F', max rating 16 amps ). Adaptors are readily available as travel packs at airport shops in the U.K. or almost any electrical outlet in Europe.
Fire StationGas - ( Gás )
Bottled Gas ( Botijas / Garrafas ) supplies and delivery.
Where: Up from the beach on the right of the Rua de Praia.
Tel: (+351) 282 789 550.
RubbishRubbish - ( Desperdicio )
Luz has pretty much converted over to the EEC street waste disposal guidelines. You will find blocks of four coloured rubbish bins each clearly marked as to what should be put in them.
Papel - Paper coloured Blue,
Embalagens - Bottles, plastic or metal coloured Yellow,
Vidro - Bottles, glass coloured Green,
Lixo - Food, biodegradable coloured Brown.
WaterWater - ( Agua )
Water is drinkable in the majority of places, but bottled water is available everywhere ( better for tea! ). For bottled water remember Carbonated ( fizzy ) is 'agua com gaz' and Non-Carbonated ( still ) 'agua sem gaz''.
Aguas de Portual provides the names and contact information of local water boards in Portugal.
Water cuts: ( Falta de Agua ) - Tel: 800 222 425
Burst pipes: ( Roturas ) - Tel: 800 201 600
WaterInternet - ( Internet )
Only residents ( or property owners ) can subscribe to an Internet service in Portugal. However most towns and the more sizeable villages should have an internet 'cafe' for public access. Luz has the Eureka a dedicated internet cafe located on the Rua Dirieta, also the Cafe Jasmin by the Post Office has a couple machines in their bar.
The Eureka has a number of computers with fax, printing and Skype facilities. Tariffs are modest and a variety of 'packages' are available. The weekly packages are the best value and are recommended for frequent users on holiday.
Below are links to the main Internet suppliers in Portugal.
Netcabo - Part of Portugal Telecom's PT Multimedia TV cable company TV Cabo
Sapo - Also part of the Portugal Telecom PT Multimedia Group

Local Transport

In This Section Buses Taxis Trains          
BusesBuses - ( Barras-onibus )
The most convenient and cheapest way of travelling in the Algarve is by bus. The R N ( orange and white buses ) provide services to all major towns and resorts along the coast. Bus stops are identified by a sign reading "Paragem". The main bus stop in Luz is by the church. There is a regular bus service to Lagos ( about 15 times a day ) ending about 19.00. Click here for the Bus Timetable.
TaxisGo to the MapTaxis - ( Taxis )
Taxis are quite reasonably priced and can be extremely handy as alcohol tolerance is zero in Portugal. They are quite easy to spot as they are normally a Mercedes and are beige coloured.
The taxis ( generally ) have no meters but follow a standard fare table based on mileage.
It is usually worthwhile to pre-book taxis especially in peak season.
Where: If there are any taxis 'waiting' ( occasionally ) they can normally be found in the new taxi rank in the town square ( by the church ). Though this is more likely during the daytime.
Jose Inacio ( 24hr service ). This seems to be the one that most bars will use if you ask for a cab.
Tel mob: (+351) 914 700 476 or (+351) 917 870 771.
Dario Amodor ( 24hr service ). Another firm located in Burgau.
Tel mob: (+351) 917 210 311 or (+351) 919 796 695.
TrainsTrains - ( Trens )
The railway system links Faro with Vila Real de Santo Antonio in the east and Portimao and Lagos in the west. There is also a link from Faro to Lisbon, which is about a three hour journey. In general the trains are slow ( but are getting better ) and do not connect the main coastal resorts. However there is a station at Lagos, which is only 10 minutes away from Luz and takes about an hour and a half. Click here for the Train Timetable.

Local Sights

In This Section Ruins Fort Church Cliffs Aquaduct      
Roman Ruins
Roman Ruins - ( Ruinas Roman ) - ( 1 )
There are roman ruins, halfway along the Av. dos Pescadores. A small entrance in the wall leads you up some stairs to what remains of some fairly recently excavated Roman fish salting tanks and a small bath complex. Regrettably only a small section now remains but is is still worth a look.
Open: Free entry to the public from 10.00 to 17.00 daily.
Forteleza Dining room
Fort - ( Fort ) - ( 2 )
Located at the west point of Luz bay is a 16th century fort. Originally built to defend against pirates. Set in lovely gardens the location offers spectacular views across the bay. It is now a smart restaurant with outside jazz barbeques in the summer months.
Luz Church
Church - ( Igreja ) - ( F )
The Church of Nossa Senhora da Luz ( Our Lady of the Light ). Located in the center of the town. The original church was badly damaged in the earthquake and subsequent tsunamis in 1755, The fairly plain styled current one was then built with local contributions ( which are still very much welcomed ). It can't be missed as it is yellow and white and beautifully maintained.
Luz Panorama
Black Rock - ( Rocha Negra )
Wherever you are in Luz you can't miss the Rocha Negra cliff ( a product of the volcanoes of Monchique some 150 million years ago ) that dominates the eastward view. The spectacular lump of black granite has pushed through the typical Algarve sandstone cliffs, resulting in one of the Western Algarve's most famous sights.
Roman Aquaduct - ( 3 )
A small, restored, Roman Aquaduct.
Where:  Easily missed. Halfway down the Rua do Poco on the left.

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