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Praia da Luz
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Directions to LuzDirections to Luz

Directions to Praia da Luz from Faro Airport


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Directions Faro to Praia da LuzBy far the most convenient airport to Praia da Luz and the Algarve generally is Faro Airport. The distance from the airport to Praia da Luz is approximately 70kms (45 miles), and as it is 95% motorway these days, the trip should be managed comfortably in under an hour by car ( keeping to the speed limit ). See the directions below, and also the Google map for an idea of the distance.
If you prefer a slower but more scenic route ( it follows the coastline slightly more closely ) you can use the 'old road', just follow the signs for the N125, it is only really recommended if you are driving during daylight hours.

The airport lies 4km from Faro town which is very much worth a visit if you aren't in too much of a hurry.

Train IconTrains
The train station is 5kms from the airport. Take a taxi or a bus, both from just outside the Arrivals entrance at Faro airport to the train station. You can then take a train along the coast. Services tend to be infrequent and can be unreliable, but they are getting better. The journey to Lagos takes about 1¾ hours and costs around 10 Euros. Its then a ten minute taxi ride from Lagos station to Praia da Luz. Altogether the most cost effective way to get to Luz (but not the most practical if you have a lot of luggage). Train timetable.

Bus Icon

The bus station is 6kms from the airport. There is a local bus service operating between the airport and Faro centre about every hour. The stop is also just outside arrivals. During the high season ( summer months ) a special Aerobus service connects with the town centre. As most arrivals are heading west to Albufeira and further you'll need to get the bus from the airport to Faro bus station then catch the fast 'Tranrapido' bus service along the coast. Purchase tickets in advance in Faro bus station. Services are limited at weekends on normal lines. To make sure you don't miss connections in Faro it's a good idea to take a taxi to the bus station. There are buses that run from Faro to Lagos (approx one and a half hours). There is a local bus from Lagos to Praia da Luz (10 minutes) which stops near the centre of the town. Bus timetable.

Car icon

From Faro Airport will cost about €65 to €80 (includes luggage surcharges). The upper end of the prices is normally charged at weekends and public holidays. These are rates for 2006/7. To be on the safe side you should check the price with the driver before travelling, don't be afraid to query anything that is not close to the rates shown above. Minibuses are only a little more than ordinary taxis but will obviously depend on your numbers as to whether it is cost effective to use one.

Car icon

Pre-Book Taxis
I've found that pre-booking transport to your accommodation whilst in the U.K. ( or anywhere else for that matter ) is a painless operation and can be extremely useful. If you are visiting a town or resort for the first time you are more than likely to spend the first few days just walking about to see the sights and get your bearings. In which case why have a rental car sitting outside doing nothing? If you need a car later during your holiday it is easy to rent one for a day or two when required. See here for Luz Car Rental. There is nothing better ( especially after a very early or late night flight ) than having someone to meet you in arrivals at the airport, taking care of your luggage and driving you to the door of your destination, definitely a stress free start to your holiday. Depending on your numbers and your destination you can get a private transfer or a shared transfer, costs vary accordingly. Either way the costs should be no more than getting a taxi from the rank outside the airport. From Faro Airport will cost about €65 to €80. If you have not paid in advance (e.g. on-line) you should check the price with the driver before travelling, don't be afraid to query anything that does not match the rate you were originally quoted. See here for some places you can check the prices and book your transport in advance.

Car Icon

By Car
There are several car rental offices inside the airport for those of you who have pre-booked. Just outside the Airport entrance there are also several of the major rental company main offices. See here for Car Rental offices.
 ▪  It might seem like a daft comment but don't forget its driving on the right hand side of the road in Portugal!  ▪  Watch your speed as there are on the spot fines.  ▪  Alcohol tolerance is zero.  ▪  No children under 13yrs in the front of the vehicle.  ▪  Seat belts must be worn at all times.  ▪  Give way to traffic on roundabouts or to the right at junctions to roads of equal importance.  ▪  You must have a luminous jacket and warning triangle, so check your hire car when you pick it up.  ▪  Keep your license with you at all times when driving.
Note: Take it easy on the minor roads as they are often not as well maintained as in the U.K. They are also quite narrow (but this doesn't seem to worry the 'locals' who tend to drive pretty rapidly along these roads. This includes the local buses).
Note: There is a petrol station right on the doorstep of the Airport. You will probably not need it for the journey out but its worth remembering for topping up the tank when you return your Rental. Otherwise petrol stations can be far and few between unless you are based in a major town or use the service stations on the motorway.

Directions to LuzDirections to Luz

Directions by Car

  • On leaving the Airport follow the signs for Espana & Lisbon.
  • Take the turn off signed Portimao & Lisbon - Important! Watch for this one.
  • You should now be on the A22 motorway (Portugal's national football stadium should be on your right)
  • Follow signs for Portimao & Lagos (IC4 / A22).
  • Pass the Portimao turnoff (15 - 20 minutes).
  • Pass the Alvor turnoff (25 - 30 minutes).
  • Follow the signs for Lagos.
  • Take the turnoff marked Lagos, Sagres, Vila da Bispo on to the dual carriageway (N120).
  • About half a mile there is a roundabout (watch out for the speed bumps) which has (currently) only one exit.
  • At the end of the dual carriageway, turn right at the roundabout, signed to Sagres & Vila da Bispo.
  • You will pass Boavista Golf course on your left.
  • Do not take the first (left) turn off signed for Luz.
  • Pass the tourist campsite on your right.
  • Pass the turning to the right, signed for Espiche.
  • Within 100 yds, take the left turning (at the next traffic lights) signed Luz.
  • Crossing over the next roundabout will take you down the hill to the town square..
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