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Pentax MX - What can I say, I had my Pentax kit stolen some years ago. I missed it terribly but ended up buying a Canon EOS 500 as a replacement because it was a bargain at the time. The other day whilst looking on EBay, I managed to replace my Pentax ME Super but yet to pick up a good MX.  The camera is as tough as old nails, really comfortable and compact. I'm using one without batteries 'cos as its mechanical and if you can live without the shutter info you can still take photographs.  Don't forget to manually focus it, no auto focus here. You would never believe these are now 20 years + old! If you want a good, reliable, fun camera which will take brilliant photographs, see if you can pick one of these up! You won't regret it.
Pentax MX
Pentax MX

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Service Manual MX Service Manual (pdf file)


Image Size 35mm
Focus Type manual only
Metering center
Extra Meter Comments Center weighted average. No exposure compensation.
Field of View n/a
Shutter Speeds 1/1000 to 1s, B
Lens Description Pentax K Mount
Bracketing no
Film Advance optional
Depth-of-Field Preview yes
Built-In Flash no
Multiple Exposure no
Mirror Lockup no
Interchangeable Back no
Camera Back n/a
Batteries n/a
Extra Comments Interchangeable screens
Weight 17.44oz
Depth 1.94 in.
Height 3.24 in.
Width 5.31 in.
Discontinued Yes


Type 35mm full-frame SLR camera with open-aperture center weighted
Lens mount Through-The-Lens meter.
Pentax K bayonet.
Standard lenses SMC Pentax   50mm f/1.2
SMC Pentax-M 50mm f/1.4
SMC Pentax-M 50mm f/1.7
SMC Pentax-M 40mm f/2.8
Horizontal-run, rubberized silk focal-plane shutter; speeds from 1
Flash synchronization to 1 /1000 sec. plus B; shutter lock and "Cocked" indicator.
FP and X sockets, plus hot/cold accessory shoe for X contact; 1/60 sec. X synchronization.
Self-timer Delays shutter release t04- 12 seconds; self-timer starter button provided.
Viewfinder Silver-coated pentaprism finder; split-image microprism focusing screen (8 interchangeable screens); 95% of picture-taking area visible and 0.97X magnification with 50mm lens at infinity); -1.0 diopter eyepiece. Information viewfinder shows f/stop, shutter speed and tri-colored LED read-out dots. Correction lens adaptor M, Magnifier M and Refconverter M fit the viewfinder frame.
Mirror and diaphragm Instant return mirror and automatic diaphragm. Depth-of-field preview with self-timer lever.
Film wind and rewind Ratchet-type rapid wind lever, plastic-tipped for winding comfort.
  162° throw with a stand-off angle of 20°. Rewind crank for speedy film rewind.
Film loading New magic-needle quick/sure loading.
Automatic winder MX camera body accepts Winder MX for up to 2 frames-per-second
Exposure counter (single-frame and consecutive exposure operation possible) and Motor Drive MX for up to 5 frames per second (single-frame and consecutive exposure operation possible), for automatic, speedy film wind and shutter cocking. Automatic reset type.
Exposure meter Open-aperture, center-weighted Through-The-Lens meter, with
Power source GPD cells for fast light response, with tri-colored LED exposure read-out, rapid wind lever and shutter release button acting as meter switch. Exposure range: EV1 - 19 (ASA100, f/1.4), Film speed range: ASA25. 1600. Two 1.5V silver oxide batteries (G13); LED's double as battery check lamp.
Back cover Standard back with memo holder, interchangeable with Magazine
Body size Back MX, Dial Data MX for data recording on film.135.5mm x 82.5mm x 49.5mm.
Body weight 495 grams.

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