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Here is a collection of MSOutlook keyboard shortcuts and web site links to other useful Outlook resources. Also tips & bits that I have used myself.
 06/2006  Only of interest if you are using ZonaAlarm - The MailFrontier addin - If it turns off when you import Calendars or just about anything don't forget the 'disabled items box' that hangs off the Help / About Outlook option, check it here because it will uncheck itself in the Tools / Options / Other Options / Advanced Options / COM Add-ins part otherwise. Another annoyance solved for me.
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All Sites have been found by me whilst browsing the web, they are not generating revenue (for me).
The Links displayed do not necessarily show the full URL, but should point to the correct Sites & should be fully operational.
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Microsoft Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts:
Check for new mail F5 or CTRL+M
Delete a word CTRL+BACKSPACE
Delete an e-mail message, contact, calendar item, or task CTRL+D
Make the Find a Contact box active F11
Mark an e-mail message as read CTRL+Q
Open a contact CTRL+SHIFT+C
Open a meeting request CTRL+SHIFT+Q
Open a task CTRL+SHIFT+K
Open an appointment CTRL+SHIFT+A
Open an e-mail message CTRL+SHIFT+M
Open the address book CTRL+SHIFT+B
Open the Advanced Find dialog box CTRL+SHIFT+F
Paste CTRL+V
Print CTRL+P
Select all CTRL+A
Switch to Inbox CTRL+SHIFT+I
Switch to Outbox CTRL+SHIFT+O
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