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Summary of Content
HTML logoThis section is a collection of miscellaneous notes on HTML I've collected together or written whilst developing my site.
Rather than forget them when I move on to something new I've put them here for easy access.
Using packages like Frontpage are excellent for 'getting off the ground' and producing a creditable site, but after a while you may want that bit extra or perhaps you are not happy with the somewhat bloated coding that is produced. Learning HTML is not so daunting especially when there are sites like W3schools to help you out. I've found nowadays that I am often editing at code level after using the various basic tools to create the initial page. Not that my results are perfect but it is much more rewarding being 'in control' of the results. See here for a sample style sheet for HTML 4.0.

HTML logo I.E.7  Less bovver with a hover. Use a strict doctype and the :hover class can be used anywhere not just for hyperlinks. The strict bit will stop I.E. going into 'quirks' mode which busts the hover function. Quote from msdn....Internet Explorer 7 and later, in standards-compliant mode (i.e., using a strict !DOCTYPE), can apply the :hover pseudo-class to any element, not merely links..... Another extremely handy tip.
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