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Javascript LogoA property that I came across that struck me as being very useful, however I've yet to find out where. It allows the placing of text vertically left or right of a page or section using the DIV element.

With IE5.5 came the introduction of a new CSS property writing-mode with a default value of lr-tb which stands for left-right top-bottom (normal mode for Western language). The other possible value is tb-rl which stands for top-bottom right-left. In this mode Western/Latin glyphs are turned to the right by 90 degrees so you write downwards. The method is encapsulated in a div section:
<DIV STYLE="writing-mode: tb-rl;">Property Text - Left-Side</DIV>
This example shows on the left below this table.
Using the fliph and flipv filters you can also write upwards as the following example shows:
<DIV STYLE="writing-mode: tb-rl; filter: flipv() fliph();">Property Text - Right Side</DIV>
This example shows an the bottom right (below this table).

Using this property with a bit more CSS and a bit of javascript, control of positioning is much better.......
Header Section
<style type="text/css"> .verticaltext{ open statement
font: bold 11px Arial; font weight and size
color: navy; font colour
position: absolute; position static
right: 3px; distance from the right
top: 120px; distance from the top
width: 15px; width of text block
writing-mode: tb-rl; (t)op to (b)ottom - (r)ight to (l)eft
} </style> close statement
Body Section

<script type="text/javascript">
var myverticaltext='<div class="verticaltext">This page copyright 2003-2005

<a href="">Neil MacPherson.</a></div>'

var bodycache=document.body
if (bodycache && bodycache.currentStyle && bodycache.currentStyle.writingMode)


This example is shown at the top right (of this table)

Property Text -Left Side
Property Text-Right Side

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