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Portuguese Food Words

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Portuguese Food and Drink Words

This page contains Portuguese translations for common types of food and drink. Hopefully making your shopping trip a shade easier. You can always ask if in doubt, but try to describe Bay Leaves to a shop assistant!


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Agua Water.
Agua com gaz Sparkling water.
Agua sem gaz Still water.
Cha Tea.
Cerveja Beer.
Vinho Wine.
Sandes Sandwich.


Dairy Products

(Leite) Gordo Whole Milk. Usually in dark green coloured cartons.
Meio Gordo Semi-skimmed Milk. Usually in light green coloured cartons
Magro Skimmed Milk. Usually in blue cartons.
Manteiga Butter
Margarina Margarine
Queijo Cheese.
Queijo da cabra Goat's cheese.

Fish DishesFish Dishes

Fish ( Peixe ) & Shellfish ( Marisco )

Some help with choosing Fish and Seafood...
Atum tuna Ameijoa clam
Bacalhau cod Berbigão cockle
Besugo sea bream Búzio whelk
Carapau small mackerel Camarão prawn
Cavala mackerel Carangueijo crab
Cherne grouper Conquilha small clam
Choco cuttlefish Lagosta lobster
Dourada bream Lingueirão razor clam
Espadarte swordfish Mexhilhão mussel
Linguado sole Ostra oyster
Lula squid Perceve barnacle
Moreia moray eel Sapateira crab (large)
Pargo snapper/sea bream    
Peixe espada scabbard fish    
Pescada hake    
Polvo octopus    
Robalo sea bass    
Safio small conger eel    
Salmão salmon    
Salmonete mullet    
Sardinha sardine    
Sargo porgy /sea bream    
Tamboril monkfish    

Herb names in PortugueseSpice names in PortugueseHerbs & Spices

You might find this section useful, especially if you are cooking back at your villa or want to avoid restaurant dishes with certain ingredients.
Allspice Pimenta-Da-Jamaica
Anise Erva-doce
Basil Manjericấo
Bay Leaves Louro
Caraway Alcaravia
Cardamom Cardamomo
Cayenne Pimenta-de-Caiena
Celery Seed Aipo
Chilli Piri Piri
Chervil Cerefólio
Chives Cebolinha
Cinnamon Canela
Cloves Cravo
Coriander Coentro
Cumin Cominho
Dill Endro
Fennel Funcho
Garlic Alho
Ginger Gengibre
Marjoram Manjerona
Mint Hortelấ
Mustard Seed Mostarda
Nutmeg Noz-Moscada
Onion Cebola
Oregano Orégano
Paprika Pimentấo
Parsley Salsa
Pepper Pimenta
Poppy Seed Papoula
Rosemary Alecrim
Saffron Açafrấo
Sage Sálvia
Savory Segurelha
Sesame Seed Gergelim
Tarragon Estragấo
Thyme Tomilho
Vanilla Baunilha

Meat DishesMeat Dishes

Meat ( Carne )

Some help with choosing Meat...

Meat packaging will sometimes indicate cooking suitability, so look for:
Grelhar - grilling,
Assar - roasting,
Cozer - boiling,
Estufar - stewing.

Perú turkey
Frango chicken
Porco pork
   Fiambre ham
   Febras pork steak
   Lombo de porco pork loin
Vaca beef
   Bife de vaca (bem passado) steak (well done)
   Bife de vazia Sirloin steak
   Bifanas thin pork steaks
   Bitoque minute steak
   Picar mince
Vitela veal
Borrego lamb
   Costeletas de borrego lamb chops
Coelho rabbit
Pato duck


Salad ( Salada ) & Ingredients

Salada de Tomate Tomato salad - most everything will be accompanied by this even roast dinners.
Salada Mista Mixed salad
Cenoura Carrot
Alface Lettuce
Cebola Onion
Tomatoe Tomato
Pepino Cucumber

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