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Summary of Content
Microsoft Expression Web (Upgrade Edition) (PC) A few notes on Expression Web that I've cobbled together whilst it was in its early days. There will plenty of others to be found on the web and I'll add them here if I used them (suitably credited as necessary). I've started this page for what is definitely a superior replacement to Frontpage. In fact I've also abandoned Dreamweaver as well for the ease of use and real time validation of Expression Web. No doubt some of my criticisms will be end up being down to me as I pick up the finer points as time goes on, but there are others that might be down to MS in which case there will probably be an update as soon as its launched here in the U.K.  02/2007  Added the keyboard shortcuts. 06/2008  Some useful enhancements come with Version II of this great design tool. Full ASP / Ajax / Net 3.5 support, improved CSS handling to name a few. The ability to view and edit PHP and ASP files locally is a great step forward and their respective toolkits function well.

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 Web Designer Help A useful forum.
Microsoft The product's home page.

 ● Early Impressions
After a couple of months of using Expression Web I've become a total convert. Migrating from Frontpage has been relatively painless (despite the odd crash, see the Minus Point - Memory). The WYSIWYG is a great help. The CSS integration (be external or internal) is easily managed.
 ● Plus Point - Coding Help
The 'real time' analysis of manual coding. If there are no errors showing for HTML compatability or coding then you can be pretty sure that a subsequent validation check by WC3 will be 99% correct. If you are upgrading from Frontpage you will find (well I did) as soon as you load up an old page you will wonder how it ever worked as the errors are all displayed visually. Fortunately hovering over any indicated error will generally give a fairly meaningful reason for it.
 ●  Minus Point - Trial Version
I started with the beta and took up the 30 day trial which is actually is a 30 usage trial which is going to run out before the official U.K. launch which is a bit daft! I should have stayed with the beta a bit longer.
 ● Plus Point
Visual representation of margins is a nice touch. The general WYSIWYG is refreshing.
 ● Minus Point - Memory
A bit of a memory bleeder I've found. With the amount of cutting and pasting between pages whilst I move old sites to new ground I've found its necessary to frequently save pages that are undergoing a lot of editing as somewhere along the line the app. will start to slow down followed by a large pause whilst in the middle of an edit culminating with a dreaded 'encountered an error' message before shutting down completely! A cache clean after the close down usually reports anything from 2 to 5 megabytes clogging up the works. I've already adopted the practice of frequently closing down all open pages regularly and re-opening them, with a complete application shut down and re-start about every hour. P.S. Don't bother sending the offered error report as it will try to dump the majority of your hard disk to Microsoft to 'help' diagnose the problem. I'm not saying don't ever use the MS error reporting option its just that I've not found it this extensive in any other MS app.
 ● Plus Point - CSS
The management of CSS be it internally or externally attached, whether you are in Design or Code mode is simple.  Version II  Now with a compatability tool which makes short work of identifying standards compatability errors for x/html and css files.

 ● Key Commands in Expression Web

Select a menu command or button by pressing ALT+<a single letter> as an alternative to using the mouse. For example, to open a new web page, press CTRL+N.

Web Page Shortcuts

Create a new web page. CTRL+N

Open a web page. CTRL+O

Close a web page. CTRL+F4

Save a web page. CTRL+S

Print a web page. CTRL+P

Refresh a web page or refresh Code view changes in Design view. F5

Switch between open web pages. CTRL+TAB

Switch between open web pages in reverse order. CTRL+SHIFT+TAB

Preview a web page in a web browser. F12 or CTRL+SHIFT+B

Delete a web page or folder in the Folder List task pane or any dialog box. DELETE

Move between Code, Design, and Split views. CTRL+PAGE DOWN or CTRL+PAGE UP

Move between Code and Design panes in Split view. ALT+PAGE DOWN or ALT+PAGE UP

Show or hide the Folder List task pane. ALT+F1

Rename the currently selected file in the Folder List task pane. F2

Application Shortcuts

Quit Expression Web. ALT+F4

Cancel an action. ESC

Undo an action. CTRL+Z or ALT+BACKSPACE

Redo or repeat an action. CTRL+Y or SHIFT+ALT+BACKSPACE

Toggle between open dialog boxes. ALT+F6

Toggle between open dialog boxes in reverse order. ALT+SHIFT+F6

Find and Replace Shortcuts

Find text or code. CTRL+F

Find the next occurrence of the most recent search. F3

Find the previous occurrence of the most recent search. SHIFT+F3

Find the next occurrence of the current selection. CTRL+F3

Find the previous occurrence of the current selection. CTRL+SHIFT+F3

Replace text or code. CTRL+H

Check spelling. F7

Look up a word in the thesaurus. SHIFT+F7

Code View Shortcuts

Quick tag editor. CTRL+Q

Insert temporary bookmark. CTRL+F2

Next temporary bookmark. F2

Previous temporary bookmark. SHIFT+F2

Go to line. CTRL+G

Insert code snippet. CTRL+ENTER

Insert end tag. CTRL+.

Insert start tag. CTRL+,

Insert HTML comment. CTRL+/

Complete word. CTRL+SPACEBAR

Select tag and its contents. CTRL+SHIFT+:

Find matching tag. CTRL+;

Perform an incremental search. CTRL+ALT+F

Text Shortcuts

Apply bold formatting. CTRL+B

Apply an underline. CTRL+U

Apply italic formatting. CTRL+I

Apply superscript formatting. CTRL+PLUS SIGN

Apply subscript formatting. CTRL+EQUAL SIGN

Copy text or graphics. CTRL+C or CTRL+INSERT

Cut selected text or graphics. CTRL+X or SHIFT+DELETE

Paste text or graphics. CTRL+V or SHIFT+INSERT

Copy formatting. CTRL+ SHIFT+C

Paste formatting. CTRL+SHIFT+V

Remove manual formatting. CTRL+SHIFT+Z or CTRL+SPACEBAR

Center a paragraph. CTRL+E

Left align a paragraph. CTRL+L

Right align a paragraph. CTRL+R

Indent a paragraph from the left. CTRL+M

Indent a paragraph from the right. CTRL+ SHIFT+M

Insert a line break. SHIFT+ENTER

Insert a no breaking space. CTRL+SHIFT+SPACEBAR

Tables, Graphics, and Hyperlinks Shortcuts

Insert a table. SHIFT+CTRL+ALT+T

Select the next table cell's content. TAB

Select the preceding table cell's content. SHIFT+TAB

With a graphic selected, create an auto thumbnail. CTRL +T

Create a hyperlink on a web page. CTRL+K

Hyperlink titles have been abbreviated, (right click on the link and select properties for the full URL)
Go to the Top of the PageGo to the Top of the Pagedouble mouse click anywhere on the page to take you back to the top (except when over hyperlinks)

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