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Darlington, town, borough, and unitary authority, northern England. The town of Darlington is located on the Skerne River, near the confluence of the Skerne and Tees rivers, the latter forming the borough's southern boundary. It is an industrial and transportation center with agricultural markets. Manufactures include iron and steel, machinery, textiles, and electrical equipment. Darlington is the seat of an Elizabethan grammar school and several technical colleges. During the Middle Ages, Darlington was an important market center. It later developed wool industries, and in the 19th century it became a manufacturing center for railroad equipment. The world's first public railroad was built between Darlington and Stockton in 1825. Borough population (1996 estimate) 101,257. - Microsoft® Encarta® Online Encyclopaedia 2001 © 1997-2001 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved
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