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These pages will eventually contain photographs of my various trips to Darlington. I've stacks of photographs of this part of the land. I almost lived here (and often regretted not having done so). Scanning is now the order of the day as they were mainly from my 'pre-digital' days. Also included are various links to Darlington related web sites that I have found useful over the years.
Having just made a visit ( after some considerable length of time ) I am exceptionally impressed with the development to the town centre. There are now a range of shops to equal most any place 'down south'. The centre is catering more for pedestrians and is bright and roomy. An absolute pleasure to visit. There are plenty of car parks close to the shops.   05/07 

High Row Northgate Bondgate These historic postcards are part of
Colin Bainbridge's
excellent collection.
Click on anyone to link to his gallery.
High RowNorthgateBondgate 
How to get there....
Map showing the location of Darlington in the north east of England ●  Travelling from the North
Road - Travelling on the A1(M) turn off at the A167 junction for northern and eastern parts of the town or the A68 junction for other areas.
The A68 is also an important route from Scotland, Cumbria and Northumberland.
Rail - Most main line trains from Edinburgh, Newcastle and Durham stop at Darlington. Local services run from Bishop Auckland via Shildon.
 ● Travelling from the South
Road - Travelling on the A1(M) turn off at the A66(M) junction for the south of the town or the A68 junction for northern areas. The A167 may also be convenient from North Yorkshire and Humberside.
Rail - Most main line trains from London or York stop at Darlington. Cross-country services run from the Midlands and the West Country. A number of local services also run on the line from York.
 ●  Travelling from the East
Road - Use the A66 from Teesside - this bypasses the town with easy access to the north, east and south. Alternatively the A67 from Yarm leads to the east side of town and links with the A66.
Rail - There are regular local services from Teesside and the North Yorkshire and Durham coasts.
Air - Teesside Airport is also located to the east, near Middleton St George.
 ● Travelling from the West
Road - The A66 from Cumbria and Lancashire is a vital cross-country route, joining the A1 at Scotch Corner. More local travellers may use the A67 from Barnard Castle.
Rail - A regular trans-pennine service is operated from various parts of Merseyside and other places west of the Pennines.

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