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 Map of Devon - U.K. - Neils Travel WebThese pages contain photographs of my various trips to Devon. For several years I've being spending time at Anglers Paradise (see the pictures below). I'd never really fished before but this was the place to learn. I thought just seeing people catch them was pretty exciting, but wait until you've caught your first one! If you like fishing then this is a place you must visit! Spread over twelve lakes, this is one of the few places where you can catch large Koi, not to mention 30lb+ carps and cats.
I normally travel with three or four friends from my local pub, by car (4 hours!).Two weeks in the summer is normally idyllic (although it can be expensive). Again possibly a long weekend in November (when I can afford it) for the netting', that's when you get to see the ones that 'got away' when selected lakes are drained for cleaning and the fish have to be relocated.
There is plenty to do and see in Devon, so don't spend all your time fishing. Take a day out to try shark fishing or Rick Steins fish restaurant at Padstow harbour, the beach or the canal at Kilhampton - Bude, take your pick any of the pubs in the back lanes and check out Dartmoor (if you get a clear day). Try and get to the The Eden Project you've never seen anything like it. There is still an awful lot of Devon I've yet to explore, maybe one day soon.
As like many of the places I've visited, I'd not taken many pictures until I went 'digital'. Those I took with my SLR now require scanning in, which is going to be a long job.
I reckon Devon has got to be one of the most beautiful areas in England (despite the occasional moody weather) There's a stack of history to be checked out, also country lane driving is a treat after London traffic.
Google Map of Anglers Paradise location.  10/06  Also see the map on the links page for a routing from London.  11/06 

Begginers Carp Lake, Anglers Paradise - Devon - U.K.

Easy Access Lake, Anglers Paradise - Devon - U.K.

The Netting, Anglers Paradise - Devon - U.K.

Octopussy Lake, Anglers Paradise - Devon - U.K.

Beginners CarpEasy AccessAt the NettingOctopussy

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