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A collection of site links covering most things Algarve not only Golf, (though naturally it features heavily e.g. Tee Fees, Golf Packages) Algarve Maps, Tourist Directories, Tourist Guides, Airports, Trains, Buses, National Holidays etc.. There are plenty of Algarve directories and tourist sites on the web, these are the ones I seem to use the most often.
There is a new section on the menu above "Luz" which has evolved to cover not only the town of Praia da Luz but also the Western Algarve in general, especially in the area of sports and 'things to do'. I envisage this new section eventually replacing this page (and probably a couple of the others on the submenu above) for general information. When this happens I'll revert this page to a golf centered resource (see news section just below).

This Section's News & Update history
 08/2008  My new web site dedicated to Praia da Luz and the Algarve is now firmly established. I'll keep this going until the end of the year then rework the section to cover the golf and travel pics.
 03/2008  Expanding even more. See my new web site dedicated to Praia da Luz and the Algarve.
 09/2006  A bit of serious re-arrangement to this section. The bars, restaurants and general Algarve information has been removed to here. I've retained this page as a golf orientated section to compliment the golf photographs which feature heavily in this Portugal Travel Web. A lot of the non-golf specific links below will take you to the new section. These are marked with a "*". Also details of specific golf courses in the sub-menu below will be found in the new section, as they might be of interest to a wider range of folk.

Golf Course Locations

Algarve Golf Map

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Some Golf Terminology
Golf scoring terms -
Albatross: Three shots less than par
Eagle: Two shots less
Birdie: One shot less
Bogey: One shot more
Double bogey: Two shots more
Triple bogey: Three shots more

stroke - Refers to the swing a golfer takes to hit the golf ball and direct it toward the hole.

par - The number of strokes normally needed to get the golf ball into the hole. A par 5 means it normally takes a golfer 5 strokes to sink the ball into the hole.
score - If the par for a hole is 5 and a golfer sinks the ball in 3 strokes, the golfer's score with respect to par for that hole is -2, or 2 strokes under par. If the par is 5 and the golfer takes 7 strokes, the golfer's score for that hole is +2, or 2 strokes over par.
stroke index - The hardest hole on a course - often the longest par four but not always - will be stroke index one, the easiest, stroke index 18. The stroke index works in parallel to the handicap. So if you have a handicap of 14, you should subtract one shot from your gross score at the holes which have been designated as stroke index one to 14. If you have a handicap of more than 18, there will be some holes at which you can take more than one shot. For instance with a handicap of 24, you should take two shots at holes with stroke index one to six (18 + 6 = 24).
handicap - One of the reasons golf is such a popular game is that a system of handicapping means players of all abilities can play against each other. A handicap is a certain number of strokes which a player is allowed to remove from his total score for a round. Think of a handicap like a head start given by more skilful players to weaker. The better the player, the lower the handicap. It means that players who have no handicap can play those with a handicap of 18, for example, and the game can still remain competitive. The player with a 18 handicap will have 18 shots more in which to get around the course. Or if you like an extra shot per hole. The handicap system can seem confusing, which is why it is so important to keep your scores on a scorecard so you can work it all out at the end of your round. Only highly skilled players reach zero, also known as 'scratch' or 'level'. A select few even get so good they enter positive figures - which means they have to add strokes to their total. In reality, most golfers who reach that standard are good enough to turn professional. All professional tournaments are played as scratch or 'level' i.e. without handicaps. In foursomes, the team's handicap is usually calculated by adding the two players' handicaps together and dividing by two. The normal maximum handicap is:
  • Men: 28
  • Women: 36
handicap - Calculating -The actual number of shots taken to play a hole or a round is known as the 'gross' score. To calculate how well he or she has played, the player deducts his handicap from the total to work out the 'net' score. For instance, if a player with a handicap of 20 takes 90 shots to go round a par 70 course his net score will be 70 - which means he will have 'played to his handicap' - i.e. returned a net score the same as par. You can also work out your score for each hole as you go along as illustrated above. If you do not have a handicap you can work out what it might be but subtracting par for the course from your total. For instance if you return a score of 98 on a par 72 course, you will have played to a handicap of 26.

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